Ultimate Guide To Water Activities at Big Bear Lake

Amiel Terry

As much as Big Bear is known for it’s amazing surfing and skiing, there are also quite a few other things to do there; namingly enjoying the water when it is not frozen solid! Since it may not be super popular and well known, we have made the ultimate guide to water activities at Big Bear Lake! Check it out.

Charter Fishing

398 Edgemoor Rd | (909)866-9240

Simply put, charter fishing is fishing with a professional guide who will show the the ropes of fishing and all the necessary techniques around the art. One of the more important reasons to consider doing charter fishing and hiring a tour and experience with a professional guide is because Big Bear Lake has it’s own unique terrain.

As we know, Big Bear is typically known for it’s being mostly frozen, so just showing up and looking for the proper place to to find our underwater friends might now cut it. Check out a guided tour with Charter Fishing to get your Big Bear water activities started.

Paddle Boating

40545 North Shore Ln | 909-936-2907

Paddle BoardGiving you majestic and Adventure vibes, Paddles and Pedals will assist you in having a great Paddle Boarding experience.

The special and awesome things about Paddle and Pedals is they offer more than just paddle boards. These guys offer everything you could need from bikes to canoes to boards.

This multi-service sports hub has expert instructors to teach you how to tackle each of these activities. With Paddles and Pedals you can take a scenic bike ride through the trails of Big Bear or you can Paddle across the beautiful water on a board or in a canoe.

With multiple options and avenues for your adventure, this may be the most versatile spot for your water activities in Big Bear.

Jet Skis

603 Landlock Landing | 909-556-3345

Josh Denham Small 1Easily everyone’s favorite and dream activity; Jet skiing.

While Paddles and Pedals may be the most versatile on multiple terrains, Designated Watersports has you covered with everything you could need in the water. They offer jet skis, wakeboarding, wakeskiing, waterboarding, and tubing.

NiceDesignated Watersports is the #1 go-to location for the adrenaline and thrill-seekers. As offered with others, there is professional guidance you can get with each activity as needed, but there will be unparalleled fun here.

Lake Tour

500 Paine Point | 909-744-4948

If you don’t want to exhaust a lot of energy and are more concerned with the beautiful scenery and chill vibes, you may want to check out a Lake Tour.

For that, Big Bear Queen Lake Tours has got you covered. BB Queen Lake Tours provide a great and relaxing boat tour around Big Bear lake that is great for relaxation and great for family vibes.

With affordable prices and not much physical energy needed, you can cruise to your hearts content while taking in fantastically beautiful scenes.

Pirate Ships

398 Edgemoor Road

Finally, on the list of Big Bear water activities, we have my personal favorite, PIRATE SHIPS!

As the webpage says, Big Bear Pirate Ship is a must visit when you visit Big Bear Lake. With live performances on board, and a new captain on each tour, you never know what you’ll get on your Pirate Tour adventure.

ArrrrgThere you have it folks ! The ultimate guide to water activities in Big Bear Lake is complete! We hope you enjoyed our list and if you are ever in San Diego make sure to check us out at ITH!





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