Travelers want a nice place to stay, sure. But that’s not why they travel.  Our team at ITH Hostels is passionate about spreading peace through knowledge of culture by creating fun-filled local experiences to connect guests from around the world under the same roof.

From the United States to south of the border in Mexico, every location at ITH Hostels offers creatively designed amenities with a relaxed vibe for you to have a nice home on the road.

Our passionate team of hosts brings together guests from around the globe in a comfortable and social atmosphere.  ITH Hostels has created a personalized hosting experience, with versatile room options including private rooms, dorm rooms, and group rentals.

Traveling with ITH Hostels gives you the flexibility to experience more, spend less, and make lasting friendships along the way.

Building a global family,
one traveler at a time,
that's the ITH Hostels experience.

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Where can we take you?

Our destinations are your home away from home connecting you with global travelers and the best local experiences.


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