Why CoLiving Is The New Way To Travel

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With coliving, you experience the local culture.

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Traveling to a new city can be expensive. Sometimes you don’t even get the experience the real heart of the city. Now with the rise of people trying coliving, traveling anywhere is possible.

Everyone has stayed at a fancy hotel or posh Airbnb and sat around lonely in their room watching television all day long. You often wonder if the money you spent relaxing in the luxurious room leaves you with a cherished memory of the city you just visited.

Coliving is a solution to set you up with an affordable place to stay and some local travelers who also want to explore. In addition to being convenient and easy on the wallet, you will find the people you meet and the relationships you build while coliving will bring you a newfound happiness.

The term coliving means living in a shared and communal environment with other people from diverse cultures.

Coliving in California has been around for years with the high costs of living. Travelers have been utilizing this shared style of lodging and heading west to find the California dream ever since the gold rush era!

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First, with the demand booming for more affordable housing with fewer restrictions, you see all types of co-living apartments and housing quarters opening up. Many hostel operators have done away with nightly travelers and have transitioned to a coliving operating style because of how similar it is to hosting monthly residents.

Coliving allows people to live in the heart of cities at half the price. You do sacrifice some personal space, but the value of relationships and friends you will make dramatically outweighs it.

Every establishment is different, so be sure to research the different kinds of coliving communities in the area you are going. Having a positive network of people around you who are working hard will make a massive impact on your life.

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Is Airbnb a better option?

Coliving opens up so many opportunities for you vs. locking yourself into an Airbnb. Every day you will be interacting with people who are discovering new parts of the city. You will never be lonely when you always have new roommates from around the world moving in.

Coliving Community FpoMaking new friends and exploring the city.

For most, the idea of traveling often gets obstructed by not having another travel buddy.  With coliving, the traveler living down the hall from you is also there to discover new experiences with others.

The world often becomes a small space for people who travel this way. Not just meeting people but sharing experiences in a city with different cultures shapes a traveler’s journey. People who have never tried shared lodging quickly find the benefit gained from experience is all about the people you meet.

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Is coliving different than regular roommates?

Yes! With coliving, each resident is responsible for themselves, which takes away the stress of managing your roommates.

We have all had crazy roommates and knew the problems that can arise. At a tremendous co-living community, you find beautiful and kind souls to live with for months or even years.

Fellow residents in a community often become your new life long friends!

Coliving FpoWhere To Find Coliving Accommodations?

Cities worldwide have a variety of coliving options where you can find a great place to sleep. Remaining open to trying different types of lodging creates a unique experience and develops memories that will last a lifetime.

With popularity trending in a variety of online booking websites such Cowork Surf and KNDRD, you have the option of booking accommodations ranging from a private room or dorm for extended periods in the best destinations of the world.

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Top 5 CoLiving Destinations and Spots In America:

Coliving San Diego FpoLooking into the Future

As people realize how much they can gain from creative traveling, the momentum of shared space accommodations seems just to be getting started.

Traveling by coliving connects like-minded travelers who want to enjoy meeting people and traveling through new cities as locals would. The joy people gain from staying in a shared lodging establishment revolves around new friendships and gaining experiences with travelers worldwide.

With the increased advancements in the sharing economy, I see coliving having a healthy future for travelers of all age generations.

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