Hostels in San Diego

Welcome to the comprehensive list of Hostels in San Diego. Below you will find all the hostels available for traveler’s based on the different locations in San Diego. From the Beach to Downtown to the Student and Neighborhood areas.



We wanted to include all hostels regardless of ratings, while also making sure you have the information to make good decisions on your travels. Therefore we listed everything from the highest to lowest rating and provided the statistics for each.



We are of course partial to our own hostels and so if you are interested in learning more about us and our locations, click here or navigate at the top of the page. 



Hostels in San Diego: Student and Neighborhood HostelsHostels in San Diego



Hillcrest Hostel


With a jacuzzi, a perfect location and great customer reviews. The Hillcrest Hostel is where it’s at! Number one on our Hostels in San Diego list!


Google Rating: 4.8 Stars


Website: Hillcrest Hostels



ITH Zoo Hostel


Focused on Students and New-to-Town career seekers. This Hostel turned Co-live is a great space for collaboration and activities.


Google Rating:  4.4 Stars


Website: ITH Hostels



Brit Scripts Manor


In Bankers Hill, you’ll be staying in an 1887 restored Victorian hotel 2 blocks from Balboa Park and only 2 miles from the bustling Gaslamp Quarter.


Google Rating: 4.2 Stars


Website: Brit Scripts Manor



Hostel Habibi


Mixed dorms, private suits and a great location make this a potential stay for all different kinds of travelers.


Google Rating: 2.9 Stars


Website: Hostel Habibi


Hostels in San Diego: Downtown Hostels

Hostels in San Diego



ITH Adventure Hostel


We can’t leave out that we are super proud to see one of our hostels as a top-rated pick in downtown. With a large variety at breakfast, special dinner get-togethers and sponsored events every night, it is a vacation all in its own.


Google Rating: 4.5 stars


Website: ITH Adventure



San Diego International Hostel


We don’t know too much about this hostel as it hasn’t added a website beyond it’s page. But it is in a location close to downtown and has it’s first 5 star review from google!


Google Rating: 5.0 stars (Based on ONE review)


Website: ( profile)



USA Hostel San Diego


Highly successful multi-location hostel company also offers bright dorms, free wifi, and a complimentary breakfast. The competition is tight between this one and the next on our list!


Google Rating: 4.4 stars


Website: USA Hostels Downtown



HI San Diego Downtown


This hostel is a part of the massively reputable and successful HI hostel chain. This hostel boasts WIFI, TV lounge and pancake breakfast with their “Bright Dorms.” Its an ideal pick for those trying to break into the hostel scene as their go-to way to travel.


Google Rating: 4.3 stars


Website: HI San Diego Downtown



Lucky D’s


An iconic hostel that has been with the city for a long time, has a solid rating and two TV lounges! And a guest kitchen! It also has a really fun website that is worth a browse.


Google Rating: 4.3 stars


Website: Lucky D’s



Hostel on 3rd


This hostel is new to the scene but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot. It has beautiful and engaging common areas with great design, TV and pool.


Google Rating: 3.8


Website: Hostel on 3rd



R.K. Hostel


Fun common areas and a guest kitchen with a classic touch in this Victorian Style property.


Google Rating: 2.9


Website: None Listed



Hostels in San Diego: Beach Hostels



California Dreams Hostel


Right on the beach, an outstanding rating, WiFi, Parking and breakfast it’s an excellent location to get your surf on or just enjoy the sound of the waves.


Google Rating: 4.9 stars


Website: California Dreams



USA Hostels Ocean Beach


Everything you come to expect with a USAH and a BBQ night!


Google Rating: 4.7


Website: USA Ocean Beach



HI San Diego, Point Loma Hostel


Another Beautiful HI location with a large dining area with multiple tables that make it feel like home. Close to the airport with beach on three sides, another great location for HI.


Google Rating: 4.6


Website: HI Point Loma



Niki’s International Hostel


Right across the street from the Amusement park in Mission Bay, it is a great location for shopping, surfing, swimming and more.


Google Rating:  4.5 


Website: Niki’s



ITH Beach Bungalow


Last but not least on our Hostels in San Diego list, ITH Beach Bungalow. Wetsuits and Surfboards available for use for a low rental fee and you’re literally on the sand. Hop over the deck and you’re already on the beach!


Google Rating: 4.2 stars


Website: The Bungalow