Seasonal Guide to Weather in Joshua Tree

Amiel Terry

Now we are on the the weather in Joshua Tree park. We already know this famous desert is super hot and has all the trails you could want. But if you’re preparing for your trip, you’re going to need to know what to bring right?

Today we are going to be giving you a full guide to what you can expect from each month for the weather in Big Bear.


So even though it is the desert, in January you are still looking at a few chills. Our reports have the weather averaging around a high of 60 with the daily lows around 35.

This is also the month where you will get the most average rain at a whopping average of about 2-4 days of rain. So enjoy while you can.


7February the high jumps up a small but. You can expect a high of about 63 with averages of lows still hovering around 38 degrees. Small breezes and cold nights sum up the February weather in Joshua Tree.


March March is when you see quite the jump. You go from an average of 63 to a average of a high of 71 with the lows being around 42.

This is the edge of spring where the sun pokes her head a bit more.


3Another big jump in April with the high raising another 7 degrees to put you at around 78 degrees for the high. This is when you’ll start feeling to heat some more and when some of the few flowers that bloom will start to show their beautiful faces.


May Flowers and May heat. Temperatures are on the rise and hiking is all the rave. This is when you will come into your own and really start to feel the impact of the Joshua Tree vibes! Soak it all in.

In May you’re looking at 85 degrees and oh boy you feel it. This is when you need need to start rounding up your water and sunglasses.


Summer Summer Summer time!

2June to August are pretty much the same. We are reaching the 90’s! Here is the heat. The beginning of summer is where the heat get dry. Desert animals and cacti are out there doing their thing. However, this is when a lot of activities are jumping.

Make sure you bring your sun screen!


September is fall time and the temperature begins to fall slightly.

We are dropping into the low 90’s here and get a little bit more of a breeze. Not cold, but at least you get a little bit of wind. Highs are 93 and lows are around 64.


This is where you see a major drop. Halloween time we are in the 80’s (finally). It is not too scorching but you still feeling the heat a little bit.

It is a little bit more outdoor activity friendly and you’re much less likely to get any issues related to heat this month.


In November it’s getting coooooooool. Cool breeze and hitting high’s of 70 and lows of a major 43! There’s a big big drop in temp throughout the 12-14 hour span of the day. So if you’re visiting in November, make sure you’re prepared for that!

& why not camp out in an RN and have the perfect movie night!


BURRRRR BURRRRR! We are into the cold season.

Christmas time is the coldest moth of the year. You’re looking at temperatures that range from 58 to 35! Kind of a change scenery for the hot theme of Joshua Tree. However if you like more a cool scene but love the peace and open space that Joshua Tree provides, the weather in Joshua Tree in December may be perfect for you.

4There it is; all laid out for ya. Seasonal guide to weather in Joshua Tree. For added measure you we have provided this precipitation chart link for you to look at and also have here a link that will always give you real time weather updates for Joshua Tree.

Get ready for the sun and grab your water bottles because Joshua Tree is bringing the heat! While you’re out there make sure you hang out with us at ITH!

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