Best Things to Do in Big Bear in April

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Discover Big Bear in April with our insightful guide! Read on for tips, activities, and insider insights to make the most of your Big Bear experience this season.

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, the snow is melting, and the sun is shining! Springtime in Big Bear is finally here, and we are well-equipped with a guide on the best things to do in Big Bear in April! If you aren’t sure where your adventure will lead you this season, don’t leave—you’re in the right place. Our guide will show you the best ways to enjoy springtime by the lake! 

Big Bear

Big Bear, California, in April 

As nature bursts into bloom, so does the array of exciting activities waiting to be discovered in Big Bear in April. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, scenic beauty, or a serene escape, Big Bear is sure to give you unforgettable experiences and great memories; especially if you stay at ITH Mountain Adventure Hostel. Let’s begin! 

Explore the Village in Big Bear in April 

Let’s begin our guide in the heart of Big Bear at Big Bear Village. April. With the arrival of spring, the village comes alive with a festive atmosphere, making it one of the best things to do during this time of year. Strolling through Big Bear Village in April allows you to enjoy the mild weather and surroundings. You can explore the boutiques, art galleries, and specialty stores, where you’ll find souvenirs, gifts, and local crafts to take home.

Water Sports 

Season: April – October


As it is the middle of spring, enjoying watersports in Big Bear is a fantastic way to make the most of your visit. With 23 miles of water, Big Bear Lake provides the perfect playground for a variety of aquatic adventures. From paddle boarding to pontoon boating, sailing to wakeboarding, and kayaking, you can always enjoy something on the lake. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing day on the water or an adrenaline-filled experience, Big Bear has it all.


Big Bear Discovery Center 

The Big Bear Discovery Center is a fantastic destination offering a gateway to the natural wonders of Big Bear Lake. In April, it stands out as one of the best things to do because it provides a range of exciting activities that allow you to fully experience the beauty as spring blooms. At the Discovery Center, you can go on guided nature walks, participate in interactive exhibits and educational programs, and it’s also a hub for recreational activities. You can rent equipment, obtain trail maps, and get insider tips on the best spots to explore in Big Bear.


Hiking in Big Bear in April 

Hiking is next on our list of things to do in Big Bear in April. Spring is one of the best times to hike in Big Bear as it provides the ideal temperature, and it’s so pretty with all of the flowers blooming everywhere. There are also many trails to choose from depending on your fitness level. 


Here are some of the best hikes to explore in Big Bear during April:

Castle Rock Trail: This moderate trail offers awesome views of Big Bear Lake and the surrounding mountains. It’s a great option for hikers of all skill levels.


Cougar Crest Trail: This trail leads to the top of Bertha Peak, offering panoramic views of the San Bernardino Mountains and the Mojave Desert.


Pine Knot Trail: This moderate trail winds through the forest, offering beautiful views of Big Bear Lake and the mountains. It’s a popular choice for families and casual hikers.


Grays Peak Trail: This challenging hike rewards you with views of the San Bernardino National Forest and the High Desert.


Champion Lodgepole Pine Trail: This easy loop trail showcases some of Big Bear’s oldest and largest lodgepole pines, making it perfect for a morning stroll.

For information on hiking the PCT through Big Bear, check out this article here.

Big Bear in april hiking

High-Altitude Training

High altitude training involves exercising at elevations significantly above sea level, such as those found in Big Bear Lake, which sits at an elevation of about 6,750 feet. When visiting Big Bear in April, high-altitude training can be one of the best things to do to enhance your fitness routine. In fact, many professionals and athletes from the Olympic level come here to take advantage of the thin air. Big Bear also hosts numerous athletic events throughout the year, including trail runs, mountain bike races, and road rides. 


Stargazing in Big Bear in April 

Big Bear’s night sky is jaw-dropping due to the valley’s high altitude and lack of bright lights. Away from the city, Big Bear offers incredible views of the cosmos, making it one of the best places for stargazing. Stargazing in Big Bear is also about experiencing a sense of wonder in the vastness of the universe. It’s a peaceful activity that allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy the beauty of the night sky.


Be sure to check the astrological forecast to learn what to look for, such as meteors, showers, and shooting stars.


Spring Fishing in Big Bear Lake

As the weather warms up and nature comes to life, Big Bear Lake becomes a hotspot for fish species, including trout, bass, and catfish. Whether you prefer casting from the shore, a boat, or a dock, there’s a fishing spot for everyone. April is particularly ideal for fishing in Big Bear Lake because the fish are actively feeding after the winter months. Plus, the scenery is breathtaking, with the surrounding mountains starting to bloom with wildflowers.


Enjoy the Wildflowers in Big Bear in April 

Last but not least, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the wildflowers! Big Bear in April is one of the best times to visit because of all the wildflowers blooming. From hiking trails to scenic drives, exploring the wildflowers of Big Bear is an experience for nature lovers of all ages. Witnessing the blooms not only provides stunning photo opportunities but also allows you to connect with the beauty of the wilderness and enjoy the ride. 

If you are looking for more information on visiting Big Bear in April, click here.


When planning your visit to Big Bear in April, be sure to refer back to our guide so you don’t miss out on the best things to do. Happy Spring and we hope to see you soon at ITH Mountain Adventure Hostel in Big Bear! 

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