Visiting Joshua Tree in Spring Tips

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Watch the season bloom into action with this guide for everything you need to know and things to do when visiting Joshua Tree in Spring. 


Are you planning a trip to Joshua Tree in Spring? If so, then get ready for a desert experience unlike any other. ITH is here to guide you with our best tips for having the best spring season in California, specifically Joshua Tree National Park. Plus, guide you on how and why you should extend your stay and live out the real desert lifestyle. Let’s go!


Joshua Tree in spring

Why Visit Joshua Tree in the Springtime  

Blue sunny afternoons, starry nights, miles of hiking trails at your disposal, and ideal weather conditions are just a few reasons why you should visit Joshua Tree in Spring. You are able to explore for long hours without dying from heat exhaustion as spring brings the perfect temperatures for outdoor enthusiasts. Plus, clear skies invite you for some of the best stargazing nights you could ever imagine. There are fewer crowds in spring, more affordable prices, and the chance to watch the Joshua Tree bloom into action. What more could you ask for?


How Many Days Do You Need in Joshua Tree 

When planning your springtime adventure to Joshua Tree, it’s ideal to spend at least three to five days. Spend your mornings exploring the park’s hiking trails, like Hidden Valley or Barker Dam; this is where you may spot the most wildlife. 


Afternoons are perfect for rock climbing or basking in the desert sun. As night falls, head out to look up at the star-filled skies that Joshua Tree is famous for, perhaps even a moonlit hike. With a few days to spare, you’ll have plenty of time to wander, relax, and fully embrace the magic of the desert.


Where to Stay in Joshua Tree  

If you plan to travel long-term through Joshua Tree in Spring, ITH Coyote Ranch offers monthly coliving in Joshua Tree perfect for embracing the desert lifestyle. The ranch offers a natural setting, allowing you to be fully in tune with the beauty of the desert. With comfortable accommodations and amenities, including communal spaces and outdoor areas, you’ll feel right at home. Additionally, spending a month at Coyote Ranch gives you the opportunity to explore Joshua Tree National Park at a relaxed pace, experiencing the best of the best and harder-to-explore areas. 

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Weather in Joshua Spring in Spring 

Springtime in Joshua Tree brings weather that’s perfect for outdoor adventures. With sunny days and warm temperatures ranging from the 70s to 80s Fahrenheit (around 21-27 degrees Celsius), you can enjoy hiking, rock climbing, and exploring. Evenings cool down, offering refreshing breezes and clear skies, ideal for campfires and stargazing. However, it’s worth noting that temperatures can still drop significantly at night, so packing layers is a must. 


What to Do in Joshua Tree  

In Joshua Tree, in springtime, crowds are fewer, and temperatures are cooler, making it the ideal time to experience the best of the desert. Here are our top picks of things to do in Joshua Tree in Spring: 


  • Scout out the best rock formations, such as Skull Rock, Arch Rock, and Split Rock. 


  • Go hiking and exploring on the trails like Lost Horse Mine, Barker Dam Trail, Willow Hole, and Boy Scout Trail. 


  • Camp in the desert and bathe in the moonlight. 


  • Go rock climbing at one of the 8000 rock climbing routes in the area. 


  • Visit the cactus garden and see an overload of teddy bear cacti. 


  • Check out the panorama at Kings View. 


  • Go star gazing under one of the starriest skies on the West Coast. Avoid the full moon for better darkness. 


  • Visit the Oases of Mara.


  • Take a day trip to Pioneer Town. 


As the list goes on, don’t forget to book your stay at ITH Coyote Ranch in Joshua Tree during your adventure in spring. We welcome you with open arms for a desert experience full of friends and laughter unlike any other. See you soon! 


Joshua Tree in spring

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