Seasonal Guide To Weather In Big Bear Lake

Amiel Terry

Weather in Big Bear Lake is typically always cold. You got your snow, some snow, and most of the time more snow. So it can be a little tricky to plan a vacation or a trip there without knowing the specifics of the weather.

Today we are going to be giving you a full guide to what you can expect from each month for the weather in Big Bear.


YeaaaaaSo of course, in the winter months, you’re looking at some pretty cold weather in Big Bear.

On average our high is hovering around 43 degrees on lucky days, with the low sitting around the low twenties. This is prime time snowboarding and ski time, when majority of people come and check out a lot of the dope winter activities and also learn lessons from pro ski instructors.

This is also the season where the overcast in high and you’ll get the most cloudy days. That in addition to the wind and a 5/30 day rain, you’re looking at some pretty cold temperatures. So make sure your pack heavy heat protection and many layers because you’re going to need it!


From March to May the clouds begin to open up a bit more and in turn we get a little more sun and a bit warmer weather.

The highs can range anywhere from the 50’s to the low low 60s! Which is a big jump and a nice temp change for shredding in early spring. With less clouds and mild wind, this is a nice mix between the winter and summer.

In early march you still have about a 15% chance of rain, so keep that in mind when packing!


Ahhh, summer time! We all love to see it. Breathe in a deep breath of that high quality Big bear air, with a little bit of sun shining on ya.

Big Bear SummerSo of course in the summer months we are going to hit our highest temperatures and our lowest bits of clouds and rain.

Our highs can range around the mid to high 70s and your lows are looking like the high 40’s to low 50’s! That is perfect with the combination of sun. You get that warm sun and a cool breeze. What else could you ask for in the perfect Big Bear experience!


Fall months are here and the temperatures fall as well.

Summer to fall is the most drastic change you will get in terms of numbers with temps dropping almost 25 degrees!

From September to November we are heading back into the high 40’s and cold wind, in preparation for the winter months. Towards the latter end of this season the lows can swing down to the low 30’s/high 20’s so don’t underestimate the freeze this time of year.

Big BearWell there you have it. For added measure you we have provided this link to all different types of Big Bear weather info and charts for you to look at and also have here a link that will always give you real time weather updates for Big Bear.

So grab your board and your skis, grab some warm blankets and head on up to Big Bear Lake and make sure you hang out with us when you go out there!




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