Ultimate Guide For Climbing In Joshua Tree

Ali Sullivan

Snowboarding and skiing are to Big Bear what hiking and climbing are to Joshua Tree. For all those that want an awesome adventure coupled with a great workout and beautiful views, we have created the ultimate guide for climbing in Joshua Tree!


If you are new to climbing and have never been, but you are considering it, you should definitely do it. As we all know, climbing is nothing like riding a bike for the first time, or trying to learn how to skateboard. 

Climbing is a serious activity and a serious workout and you’re also completely off the ground! So it is very understandable to be apprehensive and a little nervous about your first climb.

What A BeatThe good thing is that we have a few pro recommendations for climbers of any level that will provide you with an expert climber/guide and a route of whichever climbing location you choose.

Cliffhanger Guides –  www,cliffhangerguides.com 

57 Hours – Click Here

California Climbing School – www.californiaclimbingschool.com

Stone Adventures – https://stone-adventures.com/


What to Bring!

One of the most important things to know when climbing is what to bring; because when you start the climb, you won’t be able to run to the store to grab anything you forgot.

YurrrHere is a list of necessities for your climb:

  • A day bag big enough to carry all of the items on the list (35L is suggested).
  • Water Bottle or Hydration Pack
  • Food you can eat on the go (preferably healthy and filling).
  • Toiletries (hand sanitizer, bug spray, toilet paper, sunscreen, etc.)
  • Sunglasses
  • (Optional) Camera or phone!

Booking Options!

If you want to purchase a professional guide and tour for your climbing excursion, it is recommended that you call or email any of the suggested recommendations above.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot of people and parties that love taking part in the climbing adventures at Joshua Tree. To ensure that you get your spot secured we recommend you call or have an email confirmation at least a week ahead of time.

Spots fill up quick and groups are typically advised to be from 2-5 people at max so that the instructor can give every person the individual attention they need and assist them at any point if necessary.

Tips and Pointers!

A few last minute pointers for you:

  • Stay hydrated: It is super hot when climbing and the last thing you want to be is fatigued or weak due to hydration!
  • Don’t act on your own: As mentioned before, this is an activity with some major risk factors. We advise that you do exactly as your instructor says so that you can have a fun and safe experience.
  • Speak up: If you are nervous about going a certain way or height or anything regarding the climb, be sure to let your instructor know. Their job is to make sure that you have a good time and are safe. If you wait until it’s too late, it will be a lot harder to help you than if you let them know early.
  • HAVE FUN: Above all else, have a great time. The people helping you on your tours will be pros and very capable. So instill your trust in them and have a great time climbing in Joshua Tree.


Where to Stay in Joshua Tree

We hope you enjoyed this guide to climbing Joshua Tree. If you need somewhere to crash after your climb, make sure you check us out at ITH Coyote Ranch. It’s the ideal place to relax under the stars after an invigorating day of climbing. Coyote Ranch offers affordable rates, lots of amenities, warm hospitality, and a chance to make lifelng friends while enjoying the magic of the desert!







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