Traveling to Mexico from San Diego; The Perfect Day Trip in Baja

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One of the unique features of San Diego is how easy it is to get everywhere. That includes another country. Being 20 miles from Tijuana allows another fantastic culture to be at your fingertips. Here’s what to do on your day trip to Mexico:

1. Getting There

Take a car from San Diego and drive through Tijuana south on the toll road. Make sure you remember your passport! If you only have a few hours, consider Tijuana Walking Tour to get an overview of all the sites in the area, some of the cultural history and an excuse to eat some fantastic tacos.

2. Fish Taco Time

Stop in Popotla to experience local fishermen and fresh fish tacos right on the beach. This is the best place for freshly caught seafood, made popular after Anthony Bourdain found this little town it has become a hot spot for foodies that want to be immersed into the true Mexican culture. Wander around the local fish market, see the catches of the day displayed proudly on the boats, and eat well at a very low price.

3. Surf Stop

Stop at K38 to check out the waves and go for a surf. This is THE stop for surfers because it is always surfable. Whether you are looking for a long ride, a beginner wave, or a challenge, there are 4 main breaks to choose from (The Point, The Left, Maria’s, and Theresa’s – also called El Morro after the restaurant in front of the break) and there is one for everyone. There are also more local taco stands to choose from once the waves have done their part in wiping you out. Take a break, eat a taco, get back out there.

4. La Mision Beach

After the exhausting fun of riding the waves, head to La Mision Beach around K70 for a relaxing beach experience. Try horseback riding right on the beach enjoying the view of the ocean as well as the scene of local vendors selling food and crafts.

5. Rosarito

End the day by stopping at the variety of pottery and souvenir shops just north of Rosarito for some local gifts. Enjoy the beauty of handmade art, crafts, furniture and find whatever you need to remember your day in Mexico.


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