Perks to look for with student housing in San Diego

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I want to find a student housing option that is all-inclusive in San Diego. What should I be looking for?

It can be hard to find student housing in an area you are unfamiliar with that is both a great price as well as a way to share experiences in a beautifully diverse city. At ITH, we try to provide both for travelers and students looking for a unique experience they can share with others. Here are some things to take into consideration when looking for student housing:

1. Community

All places have a community, at ITH, we have a strong international community that becomes an international family. Everyone comes together bonding over their differences and embracing all that each unique person has to offer. This makes it really easy to meet others and feel right at home in a new place.

2. Location

Knowing where you want to be waking up and commuting from every day is important to get what you want from a place. ITH, for example, has two great locations in San Diego. Our Co-live Hostel located in diverse and upbeat Hillcrest has lots of restaurants and bars near it and only 1.5 miles from the world-famous San Diego Zoo. Our Adventure Hostel is located in the Little Italy District, tons of local bars and restaurants (as well as an exciting nightlife). Both hostels are within a walking distance of international schools and major schools such as SDSU, University of San Diego and UCSD are within a few miles.

3. All-inclusive with free meals

Here at ITH, we provide breakfast and dinner options for our guests every day! Sometimes, if we are lucky our guests will even prepare a meal for everyone too. Each hostel has a fully equipped kitchen for guests to cook in should they want to. Feel the comfort of home as you cook and talk with people from around the world.

4. Free activities and events for fun

Free daytime activities such as hiking, boat trips, snorkeling and more are provided with your stay at ITH. Our nighttime activities bring everyone together at the end of the night you can share the stories of your day and hear the adventures of other travelers. Feel free to ask one of ITH’s awesome staff members for suggestions of places to go anytime you are looking for a solo journey to a new place and check out the calendar of events on the wall at reception for ideas on what to do with your day!

5. Easy lease agreements, month to month with furnishings

ITH offers weekly and monthly rates with minimum security deposits. These rates are good options for international students and San Diego students living on a budget. All utilities are included in our prices!




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