The Ultimate 2023 Pacific Beach Bar Crawl

Ally Leomporra
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Pacific Beach is a great area to go out in San Diego, with many options ranging from dive bars to country bars. No matter where you go, you will be surrounded by great people and good vibes. Here are our recommendations for the ultimate Pacific Beach bar crawl in 2023. 

1. Alehouse

Alehouse is a great place to start your night around late dinnertime. They have amazing cocktails and affordable, yummy snacks and entrees. One of their best drinks is a charcoal-infused spicy margarita. On Tuesdays, they have special deals for Taco Tuesday. Sit on the rooftop for an unbeatable ambience with red lights and a fire pit. 

liquor pouring on clear shot glass

2. Open Bar 

Open Bar is a great dive bar to hang out at before it gets too crowded. You can enjoy free peanuts and play games like pool and darts while socializing. There is usually a wide range of people that hang out here, which makes for interesting conversation. I’ve had great experiences with the bartenders and the drinks are very affordable compared to other bars. 


3. Shore Club 

PB Shore Club is also a great bar to go to at the beginning of the night. The staff is very welcoming and the vibes are always good. It’s a nice bar to sit and socialize at and has a very homey feel to it.


4. Thrusters 

Thrusters is a small dive bar with a retro vibe. It’s a great place to go around 10:30/11 when it starts to pick up but you can still move around. The dance floor is small, but it’s always popping. 

people holding snifter glasses

5. Firehouse 

Firehouse is a great bar to dance or chill at. If you want to relax, sit in the lounge downstairs. If you want to dance, go upstairs to the rooftop, which is always popping. There is a neon red light that lights up the whole area and a firepit next to the DJ. 


6. Moonshine Beach 

This country bar is a fun place to end your Pacific Beach bar crawl because you’ll have fun no matter your energy level. You can go crazy on the dance floor, relax and people watch or play some games. There are three areas: an indoor lounge, a dance floor and outdoor area with games. They often have a cover and live music and/or karaoke. 

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