The Best Coffee Shops in Santa Barbara

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The Best Coffee Shops in Santa Barbara

Explore the coastal charm of the California coast through coffee shops! From the artisanal brews at Handlebar Coffee Roasters to the delightful pastries at Jeannine’s Restaurant & Bakery, here are the best coffee shops in Santa Barbara. 

Nestled along the western coastline of California, Santa Barbara is not only renowned for its beaches and Spanish architecture but also for its vibrant coffee culture. The city boasts a plethora of coffee shops, each offering a unique blend of flavors and ambiance. 

.As you embark on your caffeinated journey through Santa Barbara, you’ll discover hidden gems and local favorites, each with its own story to tell. But before we delve into this delightful world of brews and beans, allow us to introduce you to a fantastic opportunity for your stay in this captivating city. 

The newly opened ITH Pacific Santa Barbara Hostel provides an ideal base for exploring Santa Barbara’s coffee culture and everything else this coastal paradise has to offer. 


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So, without further ado, let’s brew up a guide to the best coffee shops in Santa Barbara and ensure your visit is not only memorable but also deeply caffeinated!

Handlebar Coffee Roasters

In Santa Barbara, where coffee culture thrives, Handlebar Coffee Roasters stands out as a must-visit destination for coffee enthusiasts seeking a meticulously curated and expertly brewed experience. What truly makes Handlebar a gem among coffee shops is its in-house coffee roasting. They roast their beans with precision and care, resulting in a rich, aromatic, and flavorful cup of coffee. Step into their welcoming café, and you’ll be greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable staff ready to guide you through their menu. The minimalist and inviting atmosphere makes it an ideal place to savor your coffee. If you’re looking to take your coffee journey further, Handlebar even offers classes and tastings to deepen your appreciation for the brew.

The French Press

The French Press is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking the finest coffee in Santa Barbara. This coffee shop sources premium, ethically sourced beans and employs skilled baristas who are passionate about their craft. Their expertly brewed coffee, whether in the form of a rich espresso or a meticulously crafted pour-over, showcases a commitment to quality that’s truly commendable. The inviting atmosphere and friendly staff create a welcoming space for patrons to relax, work, or catch up with friends over a cup of their expertly crafted coffee.

Lucky Llama Coffee House

Whether you’re in search of a cozy spot to work or a delightful coffee experience, Lucky Llama Coffee House embodies the essence of Santa Barbara’s coffee culture. With a keen focus on quality, Lucky Llama sources top-tier coffee beans from around the world and roasts them to perfection in-house. This dedication to quality is reflected in every sip, whether you opt for a classic espresso or one of their inventive specialty drinks. Beyond the outstanding coffee, the Lucky Llama offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere that welcomes locals and visitors alike. The interior is adorned with eclectic decor and artwork, creating a unique and charming ambiance. The outdoor seating area is perfect for soaking up the California sun while enjoying your favorite brew.

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The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind is a must-visit destination for caffeine aficionados and travelers alike. What sets this charming coffee shop apart is its unwavering commitment to quality. With beans sourced from top-notch roasters and a skilled team of baristas who take their craft to heart, The Daily Grind consistently delivers a superb coffee experience. The cozy, welcoming atmosphere invites you to linger, and the extensive menu offers everything from classic espresso drinks to inventive creations, ensuring there’s something for every coffee lover. 

Jeannine’s Restaurant & Bakery

Jeannie’s Restaurant and Bakery is a delightful gem in the heart of Santa Barbara, celebrated for its atmosphere and mouthwatering baked goods. While it may not be exclusively a coffee shop, it has earned its place among the best due to its impeccable brews and unique charm.

As you sip your latte or savor a pastry in Santa Barbara’s top coffee shops, you’re not just indulging in a delightful caffeine experience; you’re immersing in the local culture of this coastal gem. From the hospitality of the baristas to the artistry behind each cup, these coffee shops reflect the heart and soul of Santa Barbara. 


So, whether you’re starting your day at ITH Hostel and looking for a perfectly brewed cup or treating yourself to a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, the coffee scene here invites you to savor the simple pleasures in one of California’s most charming destinations. 

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