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Get ready to discover which dispensaries in San Francisco are open late at night, all about San Francisco’s weed festivals, tours, and weed prices. If you’re looking to get Mike Tyson’s weed, “The Toad” only Golden Gate dispensary sells it! What makes The Toad so special? Well for starters, it comes infused with frog venom and it has 42% THC, which is the highest grade currently available.

San Francisco locals recommend trying the Strawberry Cough, claiming it to be the most delicious strain they’ve had.

San Francisco Weed Tour

California is known for wine and weed so why not mix both? For $420 you can take a weed and wine tasting tour in San Fran where cannabis lounges + wineries and cheese tastings await you. 

Not a fan of wine? Take a beer and cannabis tour, it’s a little cheaper than the wine tour and you get to learn about the entire legalization movement. 

Green dream also offers cannabis farm tours and beer and cannabis tours!

San Francisco Weed Prices

Sf Weed Tours

Some dispensaries like 2one2 dispensary offer specials for first-time customers. In addition to this, most dispensaries offer daily specials or holiday specials! Most bud prices at dispensaries in San Francisco start at $30+. If you’re a typical fan of pre-rolls, prices usually range between $11-15 per roll or around $40-45 for a pack of pre-rolls.

For the most part, you can expect San Francisco weed prices to be averagely priced for lower grade weed, while what would be considered “regular grade” would be priced a little bit on the higher side, about $10 more than what you would pay for the same thing at a dispensary in Oakland.

Also, be careful if you buy delivery on weed online because some “only delivery” places that claim to deliver cannabis are actually fake and just take your money & never actually deliver. You’re better off buying from the dispensary itself or getting delivery from the dispensary itself.

San Francisco Dispensaries in Financial District

Sf Dispensaries

Some of the most highly reviewed dispensaries in the Financial District include Grass Roots, Barbary Coast, Project Cannabis, & The Apothecarium

Barbary Coast is particularly interesting because it takes on the vibes of weed bars in Amsterdam because of its on-site lounge. If you feel like staying in, Barbary Coast also offers delivery!

San Francisco Dispensaries in Mission District

The best dispensaries in Mission District are:

Medithrive is a pretty cool dispensary because it also offers health and wellness products, such as Cannabis Cup topicals. If you’re new to smoking pot, head to Urbana, the whole dispensary feels like a high-end pharmacy, & their knowledgeable employees are sure to help you find the perfect strain.

San Francisco Dispensaries in Union Square

The most popular dispensaries in Union Square are:

Moe Greens is similar to Barbary Coast in the fact that they have weed lounges, 3 as a matter of fact! Moe Greens even advocates bringing your mom to tag along and sparking up with her at one of their lounges!

Dispensaries Open Late Night

Grass Roots dispensary in San Francisco closes late, at 10 pm every day. Moe Greens also closes late, at 9:55 pm every day to be exact. Stiizy dispensary in Union Square also closes at 10 pm, and so does California street cannabis. 

San Francisco Weed Festival

The San Francisco weed festival is known as Hippie Hill, a day where stoners and potheads come together at Golden Gate Park to celebrate their favorite number, 420. This year Hippie Hill was canceled due to Covid but you might want to stay tuned to see if they have plans to reopen for 2022.

Apart from Hippie Hill San Francisco also hosts another annual 420 fest in Dolores Park. This 420 fest identifies itself as a smaller and safer alternative to Hippie Hill Festival. Spark up while you enjoy live art and yoga!

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