The Best Coffee Shops in Santa Barbara For Remote Work

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The Best Coffee Shops in Santa Barbara For Remote Work

Traveling to Santa Barbara and looking for the best coffee shops for remote work? We have you covered with a list of our favorite spots around to grab a cup of coffee and get cozy. 

Tucked in between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the town of Santa Barbara is not only renowned for its beaches and Spanish architecture but also for its vibrant coffee culture. The city boasts a plethora of coffee shops, each offering a unique blend of flavors and ambiance. 

As you look for different vibes at the various coffee shops in Santa Barbara, you’ll find places that are better for remote work than others. We’ve picked out a handful of spots in town that will offer the best environment for you to get your work done during the day so that you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets and beach activities that make Santa Barbara so special. 

Located a hop-skip away from the Amtrak station, our newly opened ITH Pacific Santa Barbara Hostel provides an ideal base for exploring Santa Barbara’s coffee culture and everything else this coastal paradise has to offer. 


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So, without further ado, let’s brew up a guide to the best coffee shops in Santa Barbara and ensure your visit is not only memorable but also deeply caffeinated!

Handlebar Coffee Roasters

Of the roasteries in Santa Barbara, Handlebar Coffee Roasters stands out as a must-stop destination for coffee enthusiasts seeking a highly curated and expertly brewed experience. What truly makes Handlebar a gem among coffee shops is its in-house coffee roasting. Step into their welcoming café, and you’ll be greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable staff ready to guide you through their menu. The minimalist and inviting atmosphere makes it an ideal place to savor your coffee. If you’re looking to take your coffee journey further, Handlebar even offers classes and tastings to deepen your appreciation for the brew.

Cajé Coffee Roasters

For a quiet place to post up and get your work done, Cajé is the place to be. With three locations around Santa Barbara, Cajé offers the complete coffee shop experience. The interior space at their location on Haley Street is especially inviting, with plenty of seating and proper lighting for you to get cozy. Looking around, you’re bound to see and meet other digital nomads as they work through their day’s work. At Cajé, they also roast their own beans and provide a plethora of tasty food options. If you’re looking for a jolt, we recommend their cold brew. It’s the best we’ve found so far in the city and we swear by it.

Santa Barbara Roasting Company

A staple to Santa Barbara, the Santa Barbara Roasting Company offers more than just a rich cup of coffee. The vibe at Santa Barbara Roasting Company is especially unique to Santa Barbara, and you’re bound to find a mix of old and young coffee lovers on hand. What’s better is that this is the spot where locals hang out. This means once you visit a few times, you’ll quickly start to recognize other regulars and become one of them. They’ve been serving up freshly roasted coffee to the community for more than 30 years! We love Santa Barbara Roasting Company for its chill atmosphere and a wide assortment of food options. It’s the kind of place where you can spend hours and not even know it. Try one of their pastries with your next cappuccino!

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Lighthouse Coffee

This local spot is one of the better roasters in Santa Barbara. With multiple locations, Lighthouse Coffee offers all different types of vibes. Their location on Chapala Street is one of the better spaces to work remotely in town and offers great seating options on their breezy patio. If you want to see where all the action happens, head over to their Haley Street location which is right downtown. Here they roast the beans and also feature an open patio that’s great for getting in a day’s worth of work with its abundance of seating and shade. If you’re going to stay a while, they also offer food options like avocado toast, smoothies, and acai bowls. 

Dune Roasters

With a strong following among locals, Dune is one of the best coffee shops in town. They roast their beans on-site and feature fresh, local pastries every morning. From the flash cold brew to the frothy lattes, you’re sure to find something that suits your palette for when you need to put in some work on the computer. For take-home items, they sell packaged single-origin coffees and also some pretty awesome swag. The open nature of Dune’s space makes it a great place to meet other people while you’re working remotely on that big project, and Dune also offers a nice assortment of outdoor seating for when the sun hits just right.

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Next time you need to put in a day’s work on the computer, look no further than these coffee shops. They offer the best spaces to spread out and work remotely in all of Santa Barbara. 

As well as these wonderful local coffee roasters and cafes in town, consider stopping by our hostel for a cup of freshly brewed coffee. We just started offering espresso and pour-over options, with artisanal syrups available as well. Once you’re booked for a night at the hostel, become one of our Traveler’s Club members by signing up here! It’s free, and members receive a 10% discount for all future stays at any of our ITH locations. 

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