The Best Things to Do in Santa Barbara in January 2024

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Discover the magic of Santa Barbara in January with our guide to the best activities in this coastal paradise! From beach walks to cozying up in cafes, embrace the winter charm and plan your unforgettable getaway.


Welcome to the sunny paradise of Santa Barbara, where January gives us a refreshing twist to this coastal gem. As winter breezes caress palm-lined streets, Santa Barbara comes alive with warmth and tranquility, offering an escape from the chillier temperatures elsewhere. This January, we invite you to explore the best that Santa Barbara has to offer, from vibrant events to beachfront retreats.


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Santa Barbara is not just a destination; it’s an experience waiting to unfold. From lively events to the beauty of its beaches, it’s a canvas for unforgettable moments. Join us as we navigate through the best things to do in Santa Barbara in January, unlocking the secrets of this laid-back paradise.

Tourism Summit

January 17th

Santa Barbara becomes a hub of excitement as it hosts the Tourism Summit, a gathering that brings together enthusiasts, experts, and wanderlust-filled souls. Picture the picturesque setting, where palm trees sway against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, as minds converge to explore innovative ways to showcase the coastal town. It’s more than just a summit; it’s a celebration of Santa Barbara itself, a chance to share stories, and an opportunity to chart new paths in the world of travel. So, pack your enthusiasm and join ITH at the summit on January 17. 

Santa Barbara in January

New Year’s Day Polar Dip

January 1st

Start the year off icy! Imagine the thrill of joining fellow daring souls as you take the plunge into the Pacific waters with the annual Polar Dip, leaving behind the old and embracing the new in a frosty yet invigorating oceanic adventure. With the backdrop of the California coastline, this annual tradition is a bold leap into the new year’s possibilities, ensuring that January starts with a splash of excitement and a wave of enthusiasm. 


Hit the Beaches in Santa Barbara in January 

In January, Santa Barbara’s beaches beckon with a different kind of magic. Picture yourself along the sandy stretches, the cool breeze mingling with the warmth of the winter sun. Whether you’re feeling adventurous for a refreshing dip or craving a moment with the waves, Santa Barbara’s beaches offer the perfect canvas for relaxation in the winter season. Fluff up your beach towel, feel the sand between your toes, and let January be the month you make a splash along the sun-kissed shores of Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara in January

Baad Sunday Vintage and Makers Market 


Grab a coffee and get ready for a vintage treasure hunt at the BAAD Sundays Vintage and Makers Market in Santa Barbara in January. It’s a marketplace where local artisans and vintage enthusiasts come together to showcase their creations. It’s one of the best events in Santa Barbara this time of year and a celebration of creativity and community. Explore the eclectic stalls, and make January the month you discover one-of-a-kind gems at the BAAD Sundays market. 


Pretty Woman the Musical 

January 22nd

Let the melodies of “Pretty Woman: The Musical” sweep you off your feet in Santa Barbara in January. Join in on an evening filled with Broadway magic as the iconic love story unfolds on stage, accompanied by dazzling performances. Slip into your best attire, grab your tickets, and let January be the month you let the magic of “Pretty Woman” light up your night. It’s definitely one of the best Santa Barbara events happening this January, and you won’t want to miss out!


1st Thursday Art Walk in Santa Barbara in January 

January 4th 

Kick off the new year with a brushstroke of creativity at the 1st Thursday’s Art Walk in Santa Barbara in January. It’s impressive as the streets come alive with a tapestry of artistic expression as galleries open their doors, showcasing the talents of local artists. It’s a visual feast where the community converges to celebrate the magic of art against the backdrop of California’s coastline. Don’t miss out on the colors and forms of January’s art scene, and find out why the 1st Thursday’s Art Walk is one of the best Santa Barbara events.


As January wraps Santa Barbara in its embrace, the city reveals loads of experiences waiting to be explored. From scenic strolls along the palm-lined streets to the beauty of the coastline, Santa Barbara offers a delightful escape. For an immersive and budget-friendly stay that mirrors the city’s charm, consider booking your lodging at ITH Santa Barbara Beach Hostel. Embrace the blend of relaxation and adventure that Santa Barbara offers in January, and let ITH Santa Barbara Beach Hostel be your home base for a memorable and laid-back winter retreat. 

Santa Barbara in January

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