Our Favorite Yoga Spot in Santa Barbara

Zack Garhart
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Visiting Santa Barbara and need somewhere to practice yoga? We have just the spot for you.

Check out our favorite yoga spot in Santa Barbara!

As soon as you step into Yoga Soup, you can feel the energy. Tranquil, open, and colorfully decorated, this yoga studio in Santa Barbara is one of the more interesting spaces you’ll find around. With the word ‘soup’ in its name, Yoga Soup’s eclectic nature is also reflected in the way its interior is set up.

Books of all sorts litter the space and are available for purchase. And, like some of their classes, snacks are set out for public consumption with the hope that you give what you take.

As well as a few donation-based classes, Yoga Soup offers a wide range of courses, including breath work, Qi Gong, barefoot body care, various dance classes, and many other yoga sessions that range in flow and skill.

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Community & Diversity

Karly, the studio’s social media specialist, highlighted some things that make Yoga Soup special to Santa Barbara. “We pride ourselves on having a strong sense of community,” she says. “We invite people to come spend time in our space. Sort of like a hostel, it’s a place where you can come to be.”

That sense of community is strong in Santa Barbara, which is a town that Karly says is known for being a wellness community. “Santa Barbara is a smaller city,” she says. “But some of the best things to do around here are community and spiritual-based.”

As Karly and I sat down inside Yoga Soup, there were sounds of a man playing saxophone on the patio. Karly says that sort of thing is normal, and it was hard not to feel that Yoga Soup is the sort of place where you can go and quickly establish familiarity amongst those who frequent the space, and embed yourself in the community.

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Course Offerings

Whether you’re passing through Santa Barbara, or here to stay, Yoga Soup offers a range of packages or one-time purchases for practicing yoga. Drop-in rates for a single class are $25, while a one-month package includes unlimited classes for $50. Not only are these prices competitive with other studios, but they reflect just how valuable their accessibility is for the community. That also includes having volunteers work at the space.

Check out their website for an up-to-date calendar of classes and other information about the space! We recommend dropping in, whether it’s for a class or just to explore the space.

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