Ways to Travel The World by Motorcycle

Zack Garhart
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Ever thought of hitting the road by bike? There are many ways to travel the world by motorcycle!

California and the American West are to many a motorcyclist’s dream. With plenty of winding roads, incredible open skies, and majestic landscapes, motorcyclists love riding to and through California. What’s better is that the biker community in this part of the country is strong. 

With or without other riders, there are so many ways to experience riding through California. We’ve put together a list of suggestions for solo and group trips.

Adventure Pacific Co.: A Motorcycle Tour Company

Riding with friends is one of the best ways to travel by motorcycle. Having company and someone to explore with is a great way to see and experience things you might not have on your own. It’s not always possible to ride with friends, though, which is why arranged group tours can be a great way to travel by bike. 

Sue Bossley, founder of Adventure Pacific Co., saw an opportunity to help others experience the magic of riding motorcycles across different countries and continents. She took time out of her day to chat with me about the history of her company and also what she does to offer female riders information and resources for solo motorcycle travels.

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Photo by Sue Bossley

Sue (pictured above) started Adventure Pacific Co. after she quit her job working in the food and beverage industry. While successful throughout her career, Sue says she had a ‘last straw’ moment and decided to start something new. She was riding around Africa and realized she wanted to make motorcycle riding something that she could turn into a career. 

Tying in her love for riding motorcycles, she decided to start a business that would allow others to experience the joys of riding through different parts of the world. Thus, Adventure Pacific Co. began.

“It’s been a long time since I made less money,” says Sue. “But it’s also been a long time since I smiled more than I do now.”

Adventure Pacific Co. offers group tours across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Sue started out offering a Canadian Rockies tour, and that adventure spirit grew with the company. Now, Adventure Pacific Co. also offers tours that go through India. Check out their website for more information on tours and packages!

traveling the world by motorcycle
Photo by Sue Bossley

A nomad since September of 2022, Sue says she always stays at hostels while traveling the world. “You meet people (at hostels), and it’s a financially viable way for a solo traveler to ride a lot,” she says. A native of Canada, solo travel is something that Sue does a lot, and speaks fondly of her time riding through Mexico and parts of the United States. 

Sue’s wealth of knowledge and appreciation for the open road and ways to travel emanates as she speaks, which is why Adventure Pacific Co. is a special opportunity for those looking to travel by motorcycle. On the topic of Mexico, Sue emphasized how amazing the country can be, despite some of its struggles and outside perceptions of being unsafe.

“If I hadn’t ridden in Africa, I would not have ridden in Mexico. But once you do it, you find people there are incredibly friendly,” she says. “The world isn’t as scary as we think it is.” Though, Sue did stress how important it is to research the area you plan to travel to in Mexico, and always avoid war zones. Toll highways in Northern Mexico are recommended, as they are safer and patrolled by the National Guard.  

Overcoming Fear of Traveling the World by Motorcycle

It’s natural to be afraid of things we don’t understand. But Sue stressed that fear should not stop you from riding motorcycles solo. “It’s a pretty incredible experience. Life-altering,” she says. “One of those things that once you do it, and challenge your preconceived notions and fears, you get to see how beautiful the world is in different places. Moving through that fear, you get that incredible sense of wow. The world becomes more accessible. Life becomes more accessible.”

traveling the world by motorcycle
Photo by Sue Bossley

As well as running Adventure Pacific Co., Sue puts on Throttle West. This event focuses on sharing information for women who travel or are looking to travel by bike. Set to be held in August of 2024, this event is meant to teach women what they need to know about crossing borders and being safe on the road. There will be a panel of speakers, plus food and other fun things for motorcycle enthusiasts. Portions of the proceeds from the event go to bikers who have gone down, helping support them through their recovery.

If you’ve considered riding solo or traveling with friends by motorcycle across the country, look no further than Adventure Pacific Co.! 

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