Study English, Colive in Paradise

Between the weather, the activities and the community you will love studying in San Diego

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Coliving in cities is on the rise. It is an affordable option to immerse oneself into a city with other people that are doing the same thing.

Haven Coliving is a boutique and chic chain that is migrating down the coast from LA to San Diego. With this addition to the neighborhood ITH and other existing colive options will all benefit travelers and new or short term residents. Cities need more diverse housing options and coliving is addressing the need.

Colives allow you to learn and live in a new space without the stress of having everything figured out before moving. That is the benefit of a community, you can learn from others around you.


Beach, Urban or Art Neighborhood?

ITH has a location wherever you feel a fit. With diverse options like this, you don’t have to know what you will love before you get to San Diego, you can try out every single one. Why not?


Don’t know exactly how long you want to stay? That’s okay! ITH has both weekly rates available as well as month to month. That way no matter how long your course is, you have options. Similar to dorm life you will be able to interact with other people easily in the comfort of your space. You can cook meals and chat with new friends, enjoying the experience of a home away from home in this relaxed setting. Being involved daily with people that have diverse stories and reasons to be in San Diego. Learn English and so much more in this Internationally conscious lifestyle for however long you want.


A standard college or University has meal plans and activities included in a massive tuition fee. At ITH you can enjoy the amenities of home included in your room rate along with interaction with locals and international students. Share the experience with fellow foreigners while also having the benefit of being immersed in English speaking each day. You will most likely pick up your new language skill faster than anyone else in your class because of the secret to all trades…tons of practice!

Stay Fit

The thing that sets ITH apart from a College or University is that you will get to enjoy activities with your new friends on your days off. This includes diverse options like a trip to La Jolla beach to see the seals, a yoga class to stay sharp, or a party bus to unwind after all that studying! You can also lookup REI for outdoor activities they host that will take you to the beautiful areas of the Wild West. Check out the Shock Fitness Spa Day for $2, right next door to our Beach Bungalow location. It seems too good to be true that you can relax after a grueling class for only 2 bucks, but it’s true.

Did You Know…

ITH also has a Big Bear location. If you want to take a break from the city during your stay, you can escape to the mountains! Having it all is super easy with these varied locations and a community to share them with.




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