How Backpackers are Using World Packers to Travel in Hostels in the USA

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Discover the best guide to backpacking in the USA with World Packers! Explore how adventurous travelers travel in hostels in the USA. 

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Backpackers in the USA are discovering an innovative way to fuel their adventures through World Packers. This platform has revolutionized the travel experience by connecting budget-conscious explorers with hostels and other opportunities across the country. Instead of simply staying as guests, backpackers can become locals by taking on volunteer roles.


World Packers offers a wide range of opportunities, from front desk duties and event coordination to marketing and photography. In exchange for their time and skills, backpackers receive free accommodation and, in some cases, even meals. This not only significantly reduces their travel expenses but also provides a more enriching and experience.


I have spent the past the last 6 weeks working and writing for ITH Pacific Tradewinds hostels in San Francisco. While I dearly enjoyed my first experience in San Diego, I wanted to expand my stay in California while still volunteering and writing for ITH; so I cam here. The experience has been just as great as the last, and has brought in new opportunities, new friends, and saved me a lot of money on accommodation costs. 


If you aren’t familiar with World Packers or want to know more about how it works, keep scrolling to find out how backpackers and full time travelers like me are using World Packers to travel in hostels in the USA. 

What is World Packers?

World Packers is your passport to adventure! It’s a platform that connects travelers with hostels and amazing volunteer opportunities around the globe. Swap skills for stays, make new friends, and dive into experiences while exploring the world on a budget. It’s all about trading the ordinary for the extraordinary.

How it Works 

You bring your skills and enthusiasm, and World Packer hosts bring the open doors of hostels, eco-villages, and communities around the world. It’s a match made in travel heaven! Swap your skills for free accommodation, make lifelong friends, and immerse yourself in a while new life.

World Packer Volunteer Types 

World Packers offers a smorgasbord of volunteer opportunities to spice up your travels and allow you to wander the globe on a budget. You can roll up your sleeves and get hands-on with roles like hostel staff, eco-farming, teaching, and community projects. If you’re more of a creative spirit, you can dabble in arts and crafts, photography, writing, or social media. No matter your passion, there’s a perfect opportunity waiting to make your adventure happen.


World Packers is your ticket to exciting, budget-friendly adventures in the USA! If you’re looking for even more incredible opportunities, remember to check out us here at ITH – we offer volunteer positions at all locations through World Packers. Embrace the backpacker spirit, and get ready to explore the best of the USA with World Packers and ITH Hostels


Your next unforgettable adventure awaits!

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