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Ali Sullivan
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The best things about World Packing in San Diego with ITH Adventure Hostel. 


I have been traveling around the world full-time for the past six years. I have been to almost 40 countries, worked countless jobs overseas on four different continents, and have had some of the most incredible experiences of my life backpacking around the world. 


It’s taken me a long time to get where I am in my digital nomad career. After the pandemic hit, causing me to lose countless job contracts overseas with various companies, it was then I decided to take matters into my own hands and start an online business and travel blog of my own; thus, Ali’s Happy Desk and Ali’s Happy Adventure were born. I now work as a virtual assistant, blogger, and travel journalist and couldn’t be happier. 


I did a lot of volunteer programs in the early years of my travel journey, from bartending to dog sitting, but there’s nothing quite like working in a hostel. It takes a special kind of personality and interest but opens up a lot of doors for opportunities and new connections. You are able to make new friends with similar interests, become part of a close-knit team that bonds like family, and discover new destinations along the way. It’s never dull, there’s always something going on, and it expands your mindset to a new way of living while traveling. 


World Packing with ITH


After planning my travel schedule for the year, I decided to spend a few months World Packing around the USA, discovering new places I had yet to explore. 

Why World Packing with ITH Adventure Hostel 

After traveling the world for six years full-time, I finally ran out of pages in my passport earlier this year after returning from Central America. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to take the chance and see more of my own country while waiting for my new passport to arrive. ITH has everything that I was looking for to make my adventure the best it could be. I could continue working my own job online, write content for the hostel, and enjoy California on a budget, something that can be challenging to do. After arriving in San Diego, it took me only a short time to realize I had made the right choice with my World Packer experience. 

Top 5 Best Things about World Packing at ITH 

ITH Adventure Hostel in San Diego has everything that a great hostel is known for; friendly workers, a convenient location, a welcoming atmosphere, and extra amenities. As a volunteer, having all of these things made the experience even more memorable and attractive to return to in the future. From my experience, here are the top five best things about World Packing at ITH: 

The People

Obviously, the people are one of the best things about hostels in the first place. You have the opportunity to meet like-minded people from all over the world who share common interests and a love for travel and adventure. Not only did I meet loads of new people during my time in San Diego, I had the most fantastic team to work with and spend my time with for five weeks. There was never a dull moment; everyone felt like family, and we always helped each other out along the way.  


The location of ITH Adventure Hostel in San Diego is conveniently located right around the corner from Little Italy. Not only was I surrounded by loads of cuisine options and cute cafes and coffee shops, but the tram station was right down the street within walking distance, just a few blocks away. Making it super easy to get around San Diego by foot and public transportation during my stay. 


The atmosphere of ITH was one of the main reasons I chose this option for my World Packing experience. While ITH has various locations, 3 in San Diego, the Adventure Hostel was the perfect mixture. Not so much of a party hostel, nor was it dull and boring, but an ideal mixture of friendliness, chill vibes, and excitement. I was able to enjoy my peaceful morning outside with my coffee and spend the evening socializing and relaxing with my friends and hostel guests. 


Being a full-time digital nomad comes with responsibilities and requires me to be on the computer and make my own living, even while volunteering and being on the road. Thankfully, ITH was more than happy to accommodate my schedule and allow me to easily split my time between my personal job and working for the hostel. Not all World Packer’s positions are as openly accommodating to personal schedules, making ITH an even better choice for those who have other personal commitments. 


As I mentioned earlier, ITH has various hotels scattered all around California and Mexico. Not only did I enjoy my time at the location in downtown San Diego, but I have also decided to extend my volunteer position for later this fall. World Packing here has granted me more traveling opportunities and will allow me to discover more of California and easily continue my adventure for the next few months. 


ITH San Diego


Whether you are a full-time traveler and digital nomad like me, and seasoned hostel goer looking to be more immersed in the atmosphere, or a newbie in the travel and hostel life and looking for a change of pace, ITH is the ultimate World Packing option for you in San Diego. No matter which destination you choose, you are sure to come out of it with a positive experience, loads of new friends, an abundance of opportunities, and a lot of great travel memories to cherish for years to come.


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