What You Should Do In San Diego In July

Ali Sullivan
San Diego In July

Summer starts in San Diego in July

The weather clears and the summer really kicks on in San Diego in July. Starting with the 4th of July fireworks, the city lights up and the energy is high. The crowds begin to pour into the city but it doesn’t matter because the weather and beach are so stunning.

As far as San Diego weather goes for July, the average high temperature is 76 degrees Fahrenheit while the average low temperate is 66 degrees Fahrenheit.  The water temperature in the Pacific Ocean has heated up and floats around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. July and August are the two warmest months for water temperatures and you don’t need a wet suit.

Top Events happening in San Diego In July:



June 20

The lineup for the 2024 San Diego Bayfest music festival was announced this week, featuring headliner Sublime. If you are a music lover, this is an event you definitely don’t want to miss out on!


4th of July Fireworks

June 4

No matter where you are in San Diego on July 4th, you will have a great show of fireworks. You can see fireworks in La Jolla, Ocean Beach, Mission Bay, and multiple spots along San Diego Bay.


Del Mar Racing Season

All Month

The Del Mar Racetrack opens up for summer races. Wear you fanciest clothes and head down to the track for a run day of horse racing.


Go For Happy Hour @ Bali Hai

Our favorite happy hour happens at Bali Hai Restaurant. You can get their “World Famous Mai Tai” and sip it down while enjoying stunning views of the San Diego Waterfront.


Go Hiking

Take a swim at Three Sisters Waterfalls!

East County San Diego is hot during the summer. Be sure to bring plenty of water with you. On most hikes in San Diego, you hike down to the water source and then have to hike uphill to get out. Take your time when hiking so you do overheat.


Everyday Events!

There is always something happening in America’s Finest City. Want to go to a pop-up bar that rolls along in a camper? Or buy some secondhand books?  Check out The Reader for more daily events. It’s hard to know what you will be in the mood to do at times until you see all the options of the day in front of you.


Weekly Local Events:

Tuesdays: Pacific Beach Farmers Market 

Wednesdays: Ocean Beach Farmers Market and Drum Circles

Thursdays: Pacific Beach Farmers Market

Saturdays: Little Italy Farmers Market

Sundays: Hillcrest Farmers Market

Everyday – Locals Ride Free – San Diego Trolley Tours

San Diego is a great destination year-round. Many other extraordinary events are happening and listed on the San Diego Events website.

For info on the live music scene, the San Diego Reader has a great list of upcoming shows.

If you have any questions about other events happening in San Diego, please contact our receptionist at any of our local hostels.


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