Earth Day Festival Santa Barbara

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Earth Day Festival: Santa Barbara

Since 1970, the world has celebrated Earth Day. Santa Barbara has become a hub for this celebration and is home to one of the longest-running Earth Day festivals in the country. The 2024 Earth Day Festival in Santa Barbara will take place at Almeda Park on April 27th & 28th, from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. This year’s theme is Planet vs Plastics.

The History

Santa Barbara was thrust into the global spotlight after an oil spill along the coast in 1969. That led to national exposure and a visit from Gaylord Nelson, the former Senator of California, shortly after the spill. Anger and concern from the people of Santa Barbara led to change and awareness around the country. The community came together to build the foundations of what we know as Earth Day.

Also created out of the outrage was the Community Environmental Council (CEC), which has gone on to lay a foundation for change in policy for climate change. The CEC continues to lead the way for change in recycling and environmental efforts. Along with CarpEvents, the CEC helps put on Santa Barbara’s Earth Day Festival.

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The Festival

One component of the Earth Day Festival is emphasizing renewable energy and going green. Attendees are encouraged to travel by bus, bicycle, and train to the festival instead of by car. The Festival even features a Green Car Show, which showcases the latest and greatest technologies for electric vehicles. This is a great way to learn about advancements in eco-friendly travel.

At the festival, you’ll find food vendors serving up some of the best local farm-to-table fare in the area. Fresh seafood and produce from local farms are also one of the festival’s highlights. Attendees can learn about local non-profits and interact with those helping to lead the way in a more sustainable way of living. Beer and wine are also available for sale at the festival.

Each year, the festival puts on an assortment of live music and performances. Both Saturday and Sunday are packed with concerts and entertainment for kids.

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Lodging & Transportation

Given Almeda Park’s central location, it is easy to get to and from the festival. Nearby is the city’s main transportation center, MTD station, which is located on Chapala & Carrillo St. MTD station services Santa Barbara with bus routes that reach as far as Goleta, making it a popular hub for people coming from out of town. For those taking the train, Santa Barbara’s Amtrak Station is located within walking distance of Almeda Park.

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Now that you know what to expect for Santa Barbara’s 2024 Earth Day Festival, start planning your visit and enjoy the weekend while celebrating the Earth!

Interested in learning more about the Earth Day Celebration in Santa Barbara? Check out this video from last year’s festival!


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