Experiencing Santa Barbara Trapeze Co.

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The Santa Barbara School of Trapeze specializes in aerial arts and acrobatics, offering courses to fliers of all ages and experience levels. Located on Cota St. in the Plaza Vera Cruz, this unique school is a perfect place to spend a day while visiting Santa Barbara.

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Photo courtesy of Santa Barbara Trapeze Co

A School Above the Rest

At the heart of the Santa Barbara Trapeze Company is its commitment to making the impossible possible. Founded by Shane Weaver and Randy Kohn, the school employs a team of seasoned aerialists with a passion for spreading the joy of circus arts. Weaver took a moment to share what makes the school unique and how it came about.

“We teach people from ages 4 to 104. As long as you’re able to climb a ladder, you can fly with us,” says Weaver.

The team of instructors at Santa Barbara Trapeze Company have years of experience under their belts and a dedication to safety and fun. Their experience ranges from overseeing entire schools of circus students to athletes turned acrobat enthusiasts. You can feel confident they’ll guide you through every flip, twist, and turn with patience and kindness.

“A big thing for us, in hiring the right people, is finding someone who has enthusiasm and attention to detail. It’s about the customer experience. I can teach someone how to teach you how to fly trapeze. But I can’t teach someone how to be outgoing, friendly, and encouraging,” says Weaver.

As for why Santa Barbara was selected as the location for the school, Weaver says that the conditions are ideal. With warm, sunny weather for most of the year, Santa Barbara was an easy choice for setting up the school. People who live in Santa Barbara, he says, also share a love for being outdoors and trying new things, making it a perfect fit for the school.

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Workshops That Wow

One of the highlights of the Santa Barbara Trapeze Company experience is its lineup of workshops. Whether you’re a curious beginner or a seasoned aerialist looking to expand your skills, there’s something for everyone on the calendar.

Beginners can dip step into the world of aerial arts with the “Flying Trapeze Class”, where they’ll learn the basics of flying trapeze in a safe and supportive environment. This class is open to all levels of experience. Before getting in the air, students will receive an introduction to what to expect before getting into the course. From there, the instructors will guide students through doing two turns before teaching more aerial moves. For anyone that is ready, the instructors will teach you how to do a mid-air transfer, or, a “catch”.

The “Flying Trapeze Class” is an excellent way to try out trapeze, and also a great way to practice for more experienced fliers. Rates start at $100/class for drop-ins and can be booked on their calendar. If you’re looking to take multiple courses, the school offers class packs. Class packs can save you money by bundling your courses, and can be booked on their website.

The school also offers trampoline and parkour masterclasses. The parkour masterclasses include lessons on all things parkour, from rolls and vaults to flips and falling techniques.

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Photo courtesy of Santa Barbara Trapeze Co

Get in on the Action!

Whether you’re a seasoned aerialist or a curious beginner, the Santa Barbara Trapeze Company has something for everyone. With its world-class instructors, exhilarating workshops, and wide range of class offerings, the Santa Barbara Trapeze Company is your portal to a world of adventure, excitement, and endless possibilities.

Curious about what it’s like to spend a day at Santa Barbara Trapeze Company? Watch this video!

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