Balancing Work and Wellness Travel on Your Next Trip

Leilani Salgado
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Wellness Travel

Nowadays, your drive-thru meal is not the only thing you can take on the go, traveling for wellness purposes is here to stay and an entire industry of its own. With so many reasons to travel, incorporating rejuvenating activities into your trip can either be your escape from the day-to-day or something you incorporate into your daily routine to create a travel + wellness lifestyle.

Yoga Travel for the Mind Body and Soul

Traveling specifically with yoga retreats in mind, taking a closer look at your destinations is what will define your trip the most. For example, Australia, India, Colorado, South Africa, & Zambia are specifically known as yoga destinations.

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With so much going on in the world today, having a cluttered mind is almost a given. The pandemic, work stress, family, and friends, there is some much that can be on our mind at any given time. In yoga, environment and movements are designed to help you destress.

With breathing exercises, calming music, and a flow of continuous movements, your mind will slowly drift move overthinking to a more calm and relaxed state. It is great for dealing with frustration, overthinking, and general anxiety.


Many people who are hip to the mental benefits of yoga are not as knowledgeable able the physical benefits it can have. Outside of just building flexibility, yoga really makes you strong.

Sitting in the difficult postures for extended periods of time and using your bodyweight and floor as resistance can really for a good workout. Flo Neidhammer and Dylan Werner are two examples of world-class yogis and yoga instructors that made serious gains from just practicing  on a daily basis.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the spiritual benefits. As mentioned before in the sections above, yoga is designed to be a release. This practice is not just for exercise but is also an adaptable lifestyle.

If it often forgot how important it is to know your mind, body, and spirit are one. If you detox your mind, strengthen and heal your body, your spirit will automatically be lifted. They are not separate entities.

If you are attending a solid yoga class, the setup will be soothing, with relaxing music, a calm and confident instructor, and typically some form of breathwork and meditation at different parts of the class. All of these things will help you not feel as heavy, tight, or stressed. We’ve all heard the term look good, feel good right? Well yoga will help you look great and feel BETTER!


Wellness Travel Destinations

Sausalito, California

Sausalito hosts a small yoga studio called CloudBreak with an intimate vibe that feels more like a friend group rather than a class. Sausalito is also a beautiful artistic town full of stunning natural scenery. You can ride a bike around town, smell the freshness of the trees and feel the breeze in your hair. San Francisco is also a short ferry ride away! I recommend taking the ferry during golden hour, which is around 4:30 pm in November, for some relaxing sunset views.

Sonoran Desert, Arizona

There’s a wellness resort nestled in the Sonoran Desert called Civana that promises to connect you with your inner self, the beauty around you, and help you form deeper relationships. If you’re looking to find your new favorite aerial activity, stretch, move, or just enjoy simplistic architecture + calming interior design while you sit by the pool and sip some wine, Civana’s gallery is just one word: refreshing.

Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree wellness travel

Joshua Tree has an appeal for city folk who wish to just star gaze near a fire at night. Some restoring activities include zen tea ceremonies, Nidra energy healing meditations, nature walk, and south baths, and desert moon ceremonies just to name a few, Airbnb offers a collection of experiences for those looking to take the most advantage of their wellness travel experience.

Big Bear Lake, California

Picnics, horseback riding, and stargazing are just some of the things that await you at Big Bear Lake. Big bear is best suited for the adventure outdoorsy types whose ideal wellness trip activities include things like fishing, canoeing, mom and pop diners and bakeshops, as well as hiking and golf.

Travel Yoga Mat

Taking a lightweight yoga mat on your travels is an easy way to maintain a healthy balance while traveling; maybe the main focus of your trip is not centered around de-stressing, maybe it’s a work trip, a volunteer trip, or even an adventure trip, wellness is not just a routine you have while at home, rather something you can easily take with you anywhere you go! Here’s a great resource for those new to yoga as well as some dope portable, non-bulky yoga mats.

Work-Life Balance With Wellness

It’s been said that the cause of most diseases is stress, achieving a work-life balance by participating in wellness activities is the key to maintaining and improving your wellbeing. Wellness is about being proactive about your health and it all starts with the way you care for your mind, soul, and body.

Wellness Travel Products

Since health on the road has become a priority especially post a Covid world, here are some wellness products to keep you healthy while on the road.

  1. Travel Lite Wellness Essentials
  2. Travel Essential Oil Diffuser
  3. Health, Tourism, & Hospitality book
  4. Daily Vitamin Packs
  5. Nurse in a Purse First Aid Kit



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