Where to shop for local foods in San Diego

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In San Diego, people are all about the community and environment. In an area that works together to promote positive change, there are local/organic foods available all over the city.

Here is where and when to go for your local foods:

Farmer’s Markets

These are wonderfully quaint events that allow you to try new food and be a part of the community. Everyone heads out to these markets depending on the day and neighborhood. You will get a great sampling of local foods and the local culture of San Diego.

Little Italy Mercato Farmer’s Market

Saturday mornings

One of the biggest markets in the county and a great way to start a Saturday morning. The small streets of Little Italy bustle with locals walking their dogs and enjoying fresh foods.

North Park Farmer’s Market

Thursday evenings

This market has over 90 vendors along with a vintage flea market area to purchase crafts from local artists. Locally sourced meats, eggs, produce and pastries are all sold. It’s a great way to spend your evening.

Hillcrest Farmer’s Market

Sunday mornings

On Sunday mornings, located in the DMV parking lot, this market has been happening for over 20 years and has over 120 vendors!

Ocean Beach Farmer’s Market

Wednesday nights

So much more than just a market with the amount of street art and performances happening all along the way! You can watch live performers, catch a drum circle, watch some fire twirlers once the sun goes down, and eat some incredible freshly prepared food. All with the Pacific Ocean beside you and the sun setting. It is a full experience.

Pacific Beach Farmer’s Market

Tuesdays 2-7 pm

Gain a little extra knowledge from the local farmers at this market, they are always looking to help you plan your next great meal!

San Diego is an easy place to get healthy while supporting the local community. If you are looking for monthly accommodations to move to the area, check out the co-live option ITH provides!


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