9 Backpacker Destinations In America For A Thanksgiving Vacation

Bobby Dyer
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Treat yourself to an affordable Thanksgiving Vacation

You have a few days off work for Thanksgiving. Why not jet set to a fun destination and enjoy a Thanksgiving vacation with a hostel family.

If you have never celebrated a Thanksgiving with a hostel, you are missing out. Being able to share the day of gratitude and show cultures from around the world our American traditions is a special experience. Not to mention all the unique food the internationals prepare to add to the Thanksgiving feast!

Here are our favorite Thanksgiving vacation ideas:

1. Austin, TX

Firehouse Hostel is located in the heart of East Austin inside the oldest standing firehouse built in 1885, this hostel will make you feel at home. Connected to the Hostel is the Firehouse Lounge where you can sip on a delicious hand-made cocktail.  Take in this “Keep It Weird” city, and jump right into the scene.

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2. San Diego, CA

ITH Hostels are great whether you are in the need of a beach escape or a bit of downtown culture. ITH Hostels have locations in the heart of both. No need to decide in San Diego, this city has a taste of everything.

3. San Francisco, CA: Pacific Tradewinds Hostel “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met” It is the smallest hostel in the city, so if you are looking for a great place to make friends, this is an excellent option.

Ben Dutton 16ziVZtz8vA Unsplash4. Seattle, WA

Green Tortoise Hostels if you want to be plopped into the action of the city, this is a great location right beside Pike Place Market with waterfront views and tons of events that help you navigate. (Pub crawl anyone?)

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5. Las Vegas, NV

Sin City Hostel with spacious, clean, complimentary breakfast and female dorm options this place gets all your basic needs taken care of so you can enjoy this city of lights.

6. Charleston, SC

Notso Hostel is the height of quaint southern charm and hospitality. Located in the historic district, you will get to enjoy the bustle of this beautiful town that is sustainably driven while maintaining the history of the area.

7. Denver, CO

11th Avenue Hostel this hostel puts you into the vibe that Denver alone can offer. It has mountains and parks everywhere, a large selection of local breweries to choose from and plenty of accessible ways to get around.

Shanna Camilleri 4faiN8Ti Os Unsplash8. Los Angeles, CA

Samesun Venice Beach with oceanfront views and a taste of the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, enjoy all the iconic streets and neighborhoods of LA from the comfort of a hostel with a view.

9. Savannah, Georgia

Head down south to the Hostel in the Forest for an amazing experience. The property is built of our sustainable materials and is located in the middle of the forest. Spend your days in nature and float around in their own private lake!

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