Transform your Real Estate into a global destination with ITH!

ITH is driven to be the ultimate host at destinations across the globe by connecting experience-driven travelers with amazing local stays. Our team is excited to develop real estate at unique destinations and we can reenergize your property into the next place travelers must stay.

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Why partner with ITH?

Property Owners

We have a proven record of converting outdated spaces into thriving hospitality businesses generating sustainable and profitable ROI. When you work with ITH, you become a part of our family’s brand and get connected to thousands of loyal travelers.


When you have a piece of real estate with a great location, you just need a solid team to deliver results. At ITH, we are flexible in our business dealings to ensure all partners are satisfied and are generating strong profits.

Years Of Growth

Is Your Property Ideal To Become an ITH?

Paradise Destinations

With a great location, travelers will come. We like quirky spaces and buildings with history and our model fits almost anywhere. From concrete urban jungles to remote beaches, as long as there’s room for a unique guest experience, we’re down.

Buildings With Character

At International Travelers House, we shape buildings to tell stories of the local culture. We like funky spaces and buildings with history and our model fits almost anywhere. From concrete urban jungles to remote beaches, as long as there’s room for a unique guest experience, we’re down to bring the sizzle your property deserves.

Properties that need some love and fresh energy

We have transformed hostels, lodges, hotels, brothels, victorian houses, apartment buildings, and student residences. Ultimately, if you have a unique piece of real estate, we can get creative and convert the property into a cash-generating machine.

Our passion is for intimate and comfortable stays

We have operated properties with over 125 beds, but we have found our ideal properties have between 35 – 75 beds. Keeping the ITH experience intimate is what makes our properties memorable and comfortable for travelers.

It’s all about the communal spaces.

Travelers need a place to relax and connect. We focus on designing and remodeling courtyards, lounges, kitchens, and basements into spaces where travelers can enjoy.

Giving Travelers A Place To Call Home

ITH is about connecting cultures. Our focus is to build stays inside vibrant communities where travelers can be immersed in authentic experiences and adventures.

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Benefits For Real Estate Investors

Staying ahead of the curve

ITH keeps our guests’ ever-changing needs top of mind to drive our technological innovations and global decisions pushing our company to always be a market leader.

Renovations that add value to your asset

ITH understands the importance of protecting assets. Our goal is to the most efficient renovations on your property which deliver a huge impact on overall guest experiences.

Long-Term Sustainable Deals

We know that every business deal is unique to ensure sustainability for all partners. Whether you are looking for partnerships, long-term leases, or asset acquisition, we are flexible and determined to deliver solutions.

Catering to modern Travelers

ITH’s cultural and experience-driven ethos, attracts a market demographic of energized and passionate travelers looking to connect with local destinations.

Trending Destinations With Demand

Hostels are growing around the globe. Share your destination, and we will give you insight on opportunities!

USA – West Coast

Santa Barbara, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Flagstaff, AZ

Bellingham, WA

Seattle, WA

Big Sur, CA

Lake Tahoe, CA

Kern River, CA

Malibu, CA

San Diego, CA

Off The Grid

Denver, CO

Rocky Mountains

Sierra Nevada Mountains

Portland, OR

Oregon Coast

Mammoth, CA

USA – Central

Austin, TX

Nashville, TN

New Orleans, LA

St. Louis, MI

USA – East Coast

Florida Keys

Miami, FL

Appalachian Mountains

Coastal Carolinas

Savannah, GA


Puerto Escondido


Mexico City








São Paulo

Rio De Janeiro

Northern Coast


Other Countries


Dominican Republic


New Zealand


Costa Rica












Let’s Talk

We are excited to hear about your real estate opportunity and collaborate on how we can make it grow!