Why is San Diego the Best Place to Live?

Amiel Terry

The Art Scene

If you are a creative or an art lover, this could be the number one reason why San Diego is the best place to live! Whether you are a practicing artist or just a fan of the arts San Diego the place for you. There are in-studio exhibits and access to artist at The Studio Door  or top of the line art classes at Prima Materia. Everything you need is in sunny San Diego.

Studio DoorFitness

Like the art scene, if you are into fitness, the fitness community here could be your primary reason why San Diego is the best place to live. We have top of the charts fitness gyms, yoga studios, martial arts and mma dojos, surfing, golf, tennis, you name it. In this tight knit community, you will find exclusive and professional coaching across all major sports and hobbies.

Yoga BoxProximity

San Diego is also perfect if you want to have access to some of the other major parts of California. We are two hours away from Los Angeles. A short hour and 30 minute drive from Riverside. For your outdoor and hiking needs we are within 3 hours from both Joshua Tree and the infamous Big Bear Lake. Weekend getaways are a no brainer when you’re based in San Diego.


Sunny San Diego!! With 24 different beaches in the small city, the environment is always a vibe. The San Diego’s beach scene is unmatched. Infamous for the surf and the waves, San Diego’s beaches will never disappoint. You will also come across sand volleyball, dogs playing fetch, and some dope food along the coastline.

Each beach offers a different experience. If you want to meditate and have a relaxing early morning or late evening, head over to Sunset Beach. If you want some action and access to food, shoot over to mission beach where you can also find our ITH Beach Bungalow Surf Hostel for accommodation.

Mision BeachFood

If you can think it, San Diego has it when it comes to food. San Diego is continuously known and votes as one of the best foodie cities in America! We’ve got the plants for the vegans, the beef for the burger-lovers, burritos for the Mexican food lovers, and some of the best hand crafted beer in the world for the everyday hero. There is no limit to what you can have with San Diego when it comes to food. Unique mom and pop shops, popular restaurants, and some grub hubs unique only to California. Come check out SD to be in foodie heaven!



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