5 Waves To Surf in Baja California

Carey Oakes
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5 Waves to Surf in Baja California

It’s no secret that California’s coasts are breeding grounds for surfing greatness.  With spots like Big Sur and Malibu stealing the limelight, surf in Baja, California is often overlooked.  Beaches still stand remarkably empty, despite receiving international acclaim.  So take advantage of the marvelously empty lineups, and head down to Baja! Here are five beaches down there where you just might be able to find the some of the best barrels and breaks.

La Fonda

Standing as one of Baja Norte’s more popular sites, La Fonda is a familiar favorite for expats and San Diego locals in need of a day trip.  With multiple peaks, crowds are spread out despite the beach’s popularity.  Here you can even camp at one of La Fonda’s many campsites such as Alistos K58 Campground.  Ensenadians come here to party and mingle with those coming from faraway places.  Parking on the cliff is $5 all day or $7 for campers.

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If sleeping under a roof is more your thing, think about staying at our new hostel location in Baja: ITH Lazy Lobster.  Located right on the beach and a haven for surfers, it’d be hard to find another place this good.


One of Baja’s more well known spots, K38 has welcomed thousands of surfers since the ’50s.  K38 most certainly deserves its accolades.  Almost always surfable (is that a word?), K38 has four main breaks: The Point, The Left, Maria’s, and Theresa’s.  The Point and Theresa’s host the most skilled visitors.  If you do decide to make the trek to K38, it’s highly advised that you bring booties with you. You’ll want to avoid tearing your feet to shreds on the urchins and rocks lining the ocean floor.

San Miguel

It’s often said that legends are made at San Miguel.  Hosting surf competitions and standing as the first surf site in Mexico, San Miguel welcomes the most expert surfers. Waves are consistently strong and fast here and should only be surfed by those capable of doing so.  July and August tend to see the most surfers, but San Miguel is still relatively undisturbed.

Rosarito Pier

Situated in Rosarito as its title would suggest, Rosarito Pier has the perfect waves for experts and beginners alike.  Sand bars on the right bank of the pier cause incredible waves to break left and right.  A mere stone’s throw from San Diego, surfers flock to this resort town for its long beaches and consistency.

Baja Malibu

Largely credited with some of Baja’s largest waves, surf veterans come to Baja Malibu to experience its strong Northwest swell.  The site only offers basic camping facilities, and you can’t rent a board nearby, but that’s part of this spot’s appeal.  After all, you’re likely to have this spot to yourself.  Winter is the most popular time to drop by, and it makes for the perfect day trip from San Diego.

So ditch the surfer infested waves in LA and La Jolla for Baja; it’s sure to have the waves you’re looking for.







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