What are the BEST days to fly?

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Now that you have read our blog about things happening in San Diego, I bet you are wondering “What are the best days to fly”? Well you have arrived at your answer. Today we are going to discuss which days are best to fly and which days to avoid. Tune in.


With COVID-19 still a major factor in flying and in the travel industry, there have been a few changes. There are less flights operating and people flying in general. That being said, there are still days that are advised as better than other to fly. Let’s break it down.

Best Days to Fly

Experts from different travel platforms have all agreed that Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to fly. If you are looking for empty airports, quick baggage check, and a speedy transition through security, then these are your days.

The reason is because it is the middle of the work week and many people have weekdays responsibilities. Most families, elderly, or those in the work force have obligations that prevent them from taking off.

So if you’re looking to book your next trip, search for flights on Tuesday and Wednesday. Not only for peaceful and smooth transitions, but also for cheapest prices.  Less people flying means cheaper prices from airlines.


Worst Days to Fly

As you may have guessed, the worst-rated days to fly are Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. The weekend is when most people have the time away from their jobs, families, responsibilities. So naturally, these are the days people fly to locations, and also fly back.

That being said, try to be flexible and plan your trip a few days before your intended date of arrival.

If you’re not able to be as flexible with the actual day you travel, be proactive with the booking. The earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket will be. If you know you have an exam or somewhere to be right before you travel, book months in advance. Doing this could save you HUNDREDS.

Last-Minute Tips

In addition to everything we covered today, there are a few more things to consider. Another hectic time to book trips is the holidays! People have family all over the world and this is when most people go to visit them.

With that in mind, make sure to incorporate the things we talked about above when booking flights for Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving. Book early, be flexible with the dates, try to land on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

That’s all for now folks, happy flying and safe travels!



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