Traveler’s Guide to the Santa Barbara Airbus

Zack Garhart
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Are you traveling from out of state? Are you looking for ways to access Santa Barbara affordably and efficiently? Look no further than the Airbus!

Traveler’s Guide to the Santa Barbara Airbus

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How much is the AirBus from LAX to Santa Barbara?

Sometimes booking a direct flight is worth the extra cost. Other times, it’s more economical to book a flight to a major city and then take public transportation to your destination. With LAX servicing so many cities around the globe, it’s a popular destination for travelers. Tickets can be very reasonable and many major airlines use LAX. But if you’re looking to access a city like Santa Barbara, getting to and from LAX can be a hassle.

With the Airbus, getting to LAX from Santa Barbara is easy and affordable. Tickets from Santa Barbara to LAX start at $65. From LAX, the Airbus will drop you off at La Cumbre Plaza in Santa Barbara. To access our hostel from La Cumbre Plaza, you’ll need to take either the 11 or 6 bus to the MTD Transit Center in downtown Santa Barbara. From there, the journey to our hostel is quick. You’ll be right in downtown Santa Barbara and then you will have plenty of options to get where you need.

Where does the Airbus pick up at LAX?

Once you arrive at LAX and grab your bags, head to the Lower Level. There, you will find the pick-up point for the Airbus. Drivers for the Airbus will stop at each terminal at designated pick-up locations. This makes it easy for you to find the Airbus and know when it will be arriving. There are Orange signs at each terminal.

The Airbus pick-up begins at Terminal 1. The bus takes approximately 15-20 minutes to get to each terminal. For those at Terminals 3-7, note that the bus will arrive 5-15 minutes after the listed pick-up time. There is a map of each Terminal at LAX, which you can find here.

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How else do I get from LAX to Santa Barbara?

Getting from LAX to Santa Barbara by car is another great option. However, it’s best to plan your car travels around certain times of day. During rush hour, the traffic in Los Angeles can be thick. If you’re not on a time crunch, we suggest waiting until after dinner to make the trip. Otherwise, driving from LAX to Santa Barbara can be easier during the day, after the early rush is through. LAX has plenty of car rental services on-site, making it easy for travelers to book a car when they arrive in Los Angeles.

Otherwise, Uber or Lyft are popular options to get from LAX to Santa Barbara. However, these options can be expensive. We recommend looking into public transportation before booking an Uber or Lyft. But if you’re looking for speed and efficiency, ride share is a great option.

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One more option for getting from LAX to Santa Barbara is by train. Amtrak has a station in downtown Santa Barbara, and it is located right across the street from our ITH Beach Hostel. From LAX, you will first need to get to Union Station. The Flyaway bus is a great option to get from LAX to Union Station, and it is affordable. From there, you can easily access Santa Barbara by taking Amtrak.

Want more information on the Flyaway bus from LAX? Check out this video!

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