Experiencing the X Games in Ventura

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The X Games are back in Ventura, California. They will take place on June 28-30th. This is your guide to experiencing the X Games and getting the most out of this incredible weekend.

Experiencing the X Games in Ventura

What are the X Games

More than thirty years ago, ESPN decided to devote an entire weekend to extreme sports. In 1993, the official X Games were kicked off with a massive showcasing of action sports in Rhode Island. Everything from bungy jumping, skysurfing, and sport climbing were incorporated into the early phases of the X Games.

The event has since grown into a global attraction, with some of the biggest names in skateboarding, BMX, and Moto X competing for medals. This has led to attention and participation from big sponsors and big-named athletes. With a rising popularity, the X Games expanded to showcase winter and water sports, with snowboarding, windsurfing, and wakeboarding being among the top sports open for competition.

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Less than five years after its debut, the X Games was televised to 198 countries and in more than 20 languages. The games also expanded to different states, including California, Florida, Kentucky, Arizona, and Tennessee. In 1997, the X Games went international with a showcase in Paris, France. That same year, San Diego, California put on a Snowboard Big Air competition, where athletes took on a 10-story jump made of tons of manmade snow.

Attending the X Games

Tickets to the X Games can be purchased online. Three different tiers of tickets are offered: General Admission (starting at $61), Bleacher Tickets (starting at $91), and the Superfan Ticket (starting at $153). General Admission tickets grant you access to six courses over three days, plus a viewing of 10 musical artists. This year, rap legend Wiz Khalifa will be performing. A Bleacher Ticket provides you all the benefits of general admission, plus a bleacher seat for Park or Street competitions. The Superfan Ticket gets you everything listed above, but a guaranteed seat for both Park and Street competitions, plus up-close viewing of Moto-X, BMX dirt, and Vert competitions.

Getting to the X Games is easy, especially from sunny Santa Barbara. The city of Ventura is an easy train or bus ride away from our ITH Beach Hostel in Santa Barbara. Visiting Ventura is also an awesome day trip from Santa Barbara, so we suggest going early and spending your time exploring the city. If you’re coming from Los Angeles, getting to Ventura is easy. Amtrak services Ventura, so we suggest heading over to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles and taking a quick train ride north.

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What to Pack

Since it’s summer in California, you can pack light. The X Games are held, rain or shine, which means it’s best to check the weather forecast before heading over. Only small bags are allowed inside the X Games grounds. Also not allowed are pets, big backpacks, coolers, posters or banners, alcohol or beverages of any kind, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, marijuana, or drugs of any kind, drones, weapons, and noisemakers.

Re-entry to the X Games is also offered with the purchase of your ticket, so don’t stress out if you forget something or want to take a break from the action for a few hours. Restrooms, concession stands, and music will also be on-site, which means you should have everything you need for a fun and eventful weekend. More information on what is allowed and what to expect at the X Games can be found here.

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Do you ride?

For skaters and bikers, it can be hard to track down a skate park. While the famous park in Venice Beach attracts plenty of skaters, Southern California does not have an abundance of options. Santa Barbara, though, has a great skate park, just steps from the beach. Even better, the park is within walking distance to our Beach Hostel! Bring your board and cruise on over to the Skater’s Point Skatepark.

Want to see what the hype is all about? Check out this video from last year’s X Games!

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