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San Diego Weather

Our blog has given you plenty of sources for finding jobs, things to do, and places to eat; but what about the weather? One of the first things I heard about the weather in San Diego is it is forever changing. I’m here to provide a guide and debunk any myths out there.

Cold Time!

The great thing about Sunny San Diego is that a lot of the time it is sunny, even in the winter. In this part of California it tends to not get too cold. With December being the coldest month of the year, your lows average around 48.9 F and the highs can range upward to 77 F.

What some like most, is that if you aren’t a big fan of the cold then you can get a nice cool breeze here in San Diego and not suffer too much. For those of you who love the cold, fear not, we are only 3 hours away from our Big Bear location with all the snow and snow adventures you could want.

Hittin’ the 60’s

Japanese GardenPushing out of winter time you will still get some luke-warm and chill days with the temperatures hovering around the 60’s. The thing that separates the Spring from other seasons is the warm and radiating sun and the flowers!

One of the most beautiful places you can visit during the spring weather is the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park. One of the few places to find beautiful cherry blossoms and a nice sunny afternoon, the weather from March to June will not disappoint.

It’s Hot Hot!

It gets hot. In San Diego, the summer heat is a force to be reckoned with. However, the beautiful thing about that is you’re near 22 beaches to relax you.

Skateboarding, riding your bike, and roller blading are all favorite forms of transportation during the summer. You’re also surrounded by endless bars, beer-hubs, and juice bars to provide adequate refreshments on your sunny beach days.


One of the most beautiful things about San Diego is the nature. During the fall you will get temperatures ranging anywhere from the low 60’s to the high 70’s. This is perfect for some great hikes.

Fall in San Diego is just a cool and relaxing time. Seeing the change of colors of our natural world is a marvel with all the different terrains in the fall. A light jacket and your favorite DSLR camera or smart phone can make a fall day in San Diego a breeze.

Fall San Diego



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