How To Find A Job As A Digital Nomad

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Looking for how to find a job as a digital nomad? Want to begin your nomadic career or improve the one the are already living with some side gigs and new opportunities? We have come up with 5 ways to find a job as a digital nomad. Check it out. is a super easy and user friendly way to find online work. This job site not only covers technical work from your laptop, but can also get you work outside of your laptop. Things like product photography and onsite job help in your area are examples of work you can find that isn’t digital.

You can navigate Upwork like most search engines and just put in the field and category you want to inquire about. Make sure to put whatever country you’re in because it’s worldwide.
Upwork is another platform for finding work. It is not as easy to navigate and use as Upwork but still serves its purpose. is exactly what it sounds like, a platform to find freelance work. You will use this more if you have skills on or with your laptop, design, coding, etc. You may want to consider combining your search efforts with Upwork, as responses can be delayed here.


As I mentioned before, Craigslist serves many purposes in different parts of the United States. On the West Coast, Craigslist is great for finding jobs. If you are a freelancer or digital nomad this would be a great place to look.

Mom and pop shops, business owners, even major companies will make posting need services. These services are typically centered around in person help, or marketing help to assist in growing their business. So, if you have experience in one of those areas, Craigslist could be for you.

Mom And PopFiverr

Fiverr is a great place to set up a profile and look for work. The difference between Fiverr and others is that with Fiverr you’re more sought after than doing the searching. You create a profile, provide your skills, information, packaging prices, and people will search for what they need and inquire about it.

What to keep in mind with Fiverr is that people from all over the world use it. That being said, people on the eastern part of the world have expert skills for low prices, so don’t look to make a ton of money here only. Combine Fiverr with your other sources!

Create your own!!

Content CreatorMany people overlook this idea when it comes to finding work as a digital nomad. If you have skills or expertise in a certain area, let people know! Many times some businesses don’t even know that they need help or what type of help that they need.

If you’re an avid yogi and you see that your favorite yoga studio’s social media could use some improvement, offer your services. If you see a local business is struggling to get by and you’re a videographer, offer to make a promo video for their business.

There are endless possibilities. So use your imagination and all the resources you have!

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