Networking & Knowledge: The 2 Best Hostel Conferences in the USA

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Networking & Knowledge: The 2 Best Hostel Conferences in the USA


Discover the top hostel conferences in the USA!  Find out how these events can boost your hostel business and connect you with like-minded individuals. 


Are you a hostel owner, aspiring to be one, or simply passionate about the hostel industry? If so, you’re in for a treat! Step foot into a journey through the world of hostels and be introduced to the two best hostel conferences in the United States. Whether you’re looking to improve your hostel management skills or connect with like-minded individuals, these conferences are a must-attend. 

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Join us for an insider’s look at the two best hostel conferences in the United States.

Conference 1: Hostel Gathering Conference

Location: Denver, Colorado 

Date: November 2023 


In 2018, The Hostel Collective was founded with a passion for the world of hostels and a genuine desire to connect with like-minded hostel operators and managers. It all began with an inaugural gathering in Denver and created a unique platform for candid storytelling and shared experiences, focusing on the distinctive challenges of managing hostels. 


The annual conference stands out as an occasion for hostel teams to connect and collaborate. What makes it truly special is a commitment to operating without sponsorship and upholding a strict no-OTA policy, ensuring that attendees can openly express their primary concerns and challenges.


The 2023 Gathering promises to be even more enriching, with presentations on topics such as Crisis Management and Revenue Management. One highlight is “On The DL with Hostel Managers,” a roundtable discussion designed to provide practical solutions for hostel managers and staff. 


A quote from the founders (Thea & Sydney): Our mission is to collectively elevate the standard of hosteling in the US and increase awareness among both domestic and international travelers about the exceptional offerings of American hostels.


Conference 2: North American Hostel Association Conference

Location: Portland, Oregon 

Date: April 2024 


The North American Hostel Association was founded by Jim Kennett from the Northwest Portland Hostel. The North American Hostel Conference was created to build relationships and share resources between hostel owners, big and small, in the North Americas. 



More information will be released about the contents and schedule of next year’s conference within the upcoming months. 


The knowledge, connections, and experiences you can gain from these hostel conferences are invaluable for travel enthusiasts and hostel owners alike. To fully immerse yourself in the hostel experience, we invite you to take the next step: plan your stay at one of the fantastic ITH hostels around California during your next visit. Whether you’re drawn to the beaches of San Diego or the vibrant streets of San Francisco, ITH hostels offer affordable, comfortable, and community-driven accommodations that perfectly complement the spirit of hosteling. 


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So, make your next trip memorable and engaging by booking a stay at an ITH hostel – a perfect way to continue your journey in the world of hostels. Safe travels!

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