Myth Debunked: Hostels Have Private Rooms

Bobby Dyer

What is a Hostel?

Since there seems to be a lot of confusion on what a hostel actually is, let’s start here. A hostel is a form of low cost travel accommodation that is designed for short term sharable and social stays. In other words, hostels are like dorms. Typically they have travelers from all over the world, many fun activities, a kitchen, common areas, and so on. In hostels many types of accommodations are offered, however a place must offer dormitories to be considered a hostel.

Hostels 12Hotel vs Hostel

As stated in the paragraph above, hostels and hotels are very different. Contrary to their similar spelling, hostels and hotels vary in many areas; especially room wise.

Hotels only offer single, double, and sometimes suite rooms. These rooms are typically always reserved or booked by a single party and intended for a particular group of people, friends, or family. They are designed for short comfortable stays as you explore whatever city you have traveled to.

On the other hand, hostels are more of an all-inclusive stay. People do not only choose hostels because they are typically cheaper than hotels, but it is a whole different experience. Hostels provide an opportunity to connect, have fun, network, make connections and memories.

If you’re on a short weekend business trip or getaway with a loved one, I would suggest opting for the hotel. However, if you are a traveler full of wanderlust, good vibes, and looking to make some life long friends and connections, take the hostel route.

Types of Rooms

Hostel BedsHostels generally will have a combination of three types of room accommodations: dorm, semi-private, or private room.

As you can guess, the dorm is a dormitory shared with other travelers. They can range anywhere from 4 to about 8 people (on the larger side). The dorms are organized in a bunk bed fashion and you will be haring that living space with other interesting folks.

Hostel Semi PrivateThe semi-private accommodation is one that may be a little more rare. This is where there can be two beds in a room and each person has their own bed and the bathroom with be shared with other travelers. This is good for traveling friends, business partners, etc.

Finally, MYTH DEBUNKED: Hostels have private rooms. If you value your privacy and prefer to have your own room while still embracing the hostel life, that is absolutely possible. These rooms are, of course, more expensive to the dorms. However, you will get your sense of privacy and still be able to reap the benefits of the hostel vibe.

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