La Mexicana Spanish School For Learning Spanish

Zack Garhart
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Interested in learning Spanish? La Mexicana Spanish School is an amazing institution that is located in Sayulita, Mexico, which sits on Mexico’s Pacific Coast and is tailored especially to teaching Spanish.

 In this article, we’ll highlight some of the things that make La Mexicana Spanish School a great place to learn Spanish.

Founded in 2017 by husband and wife, Gina and Juan, La Mexicana Spanish School has become a well-known institution for teaching the language of Spanish. Since its inception, the school has moved from its home location to a new venue that offers more space and employs a larger staff. Along with Juan and Gina, there are other teachers with deep appreciation and knowledge of Mexican culture and the Spanish language.

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What are the Courses Like?

Group lessons are offered at the school, and they often include a classroom of 3-7 students. Group lessons run from October to May, and operate with no less than 3 students. Different packages are listed at different prices and time commitments. At La Mexicana Spanish School, a 5-hour package costs 2500 pesos. An 8-hour package costs 3900 pesos. A 10-hour package costs 4725 pesos. Check the website for any updated prices or terms before enrolling.

As well as group lessons, the school offers private lessons. For one-on-one courses, the cost is 550 pesos per lesson. If you are unable to attend in person, there is also an online course available. The online courses start at 550 pesos per hour. 

Beyond language skills, you can also learn about the Mexican culture by taking part in the immersion programs that the school offers. These immersion programs include things like taking Mexican cooking classes, exploring local art museums, and visiting local markets and vendors, amongst other activities. Kid-friendly activities are also included in these programs. Inquire on their website for more information.

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How Do I Get To Sayulita?

Easily accessible by plane, the school is just a three-hour flight from LAX or a short 45-minute flight from Guadalajara. If you’re driving, the school can be reached by car from Puerto Vallarta easily, or from Tepic in about an hour and a half.

The town of Sayulita offers scenic beaches and sweeping ocean views. There is also a thriving downtown area, which is south of the school. This downtown area offers great proximity to countless restaurants and businesses. Fishermen and beach lovers would also love the south end of Sayulita, as it has become recently more developed and offers a tranquil lifestyle. There is also an area called Gringo Hill ( Monte Calvario) which has incredible views and a mix of foreign and locals for you to engage with and practice your Spanish.

If you’re looking to pick up another language and are interested in learning more about Mexican culture and the Spanish language, look no further than La Mexicana Spanish School.

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