Exploring Santa Barbara’s Farmer’s Markets

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Love fresh, local food? Then you’ll love exploring Santa Barbara’s Farmer’s Markets!

Many cities only offer farmer’s markets once or twice a week. Here in Santa Barbara, you can find farmer’s markets six days a week. Two are located outside of Santa Barbara but are still within driving distance from downtown. This means you can buy fresh food from local farmers and vendors almost every day of the week!

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A Local Tradition

Santa Barbara has been holding farmer’s markets for more than 40 years. In March of 1979, the first Santa Barbara Farmers Market was held. Before that, the city had been holding farmer’s markets in the 1940s. Needless to say, locals here love their fresh food and love to support the community by shopping at these farmer’s markets.

Downtown Santa Barbara

A popular choice for farmers markets in Santa Barbara is the one that is held on Saturday mornings from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. This market is located in downtown Santa Barbara, just a few blocks off of State Street on Cota St. The address is 119 E. Cota St., Santa Barbara. Bring your reusable bags, but leave the dogs at home! Inside the farmer’s market, pets are not allowed. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants nearby, like Dune Coffee Roasters. We love the idea of grabbing a scone or pastry and a cup of coffee before strolling through the market to find your dinner. 

Another great day of the week to hit up the farmer’s markets in Santa Barbara is Tuesday. Located nearby the Saturday location, this farmer’s market takes place in Old Town Santa Barbara. Specifically, the lower part of State Street between Cota St. and Canon Perdido. Right in the thick of the action, this Tuesday market is perfect for a date night or stroll on the town. Before you shop, we suggest checking out Joe’s Cafe just a few blocks south on State Street for a drink. Joe’s has a fun bar and great happy hour specials!

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Great Finds in Goleta

If you miss out on Saturday’s market, don’t worry. Goleta runs a farmer’s market every Sunday morning. The town of Goleta is just a short drive from downtown Santa Barbara and is worth checking out. The total distance from our Santa Barbara Hostel is roughly 12 miles from Goleta. Both buses and the Amtrak train can take you there, too. With cafes, small shops, and local restaurants, there’s plenty to do before or after your farmer’s market trip. If you make it to Goleta in the morning, we recommend Home Plate Grill as a great place to grab breakfast. 

No matter how long you’re in town, or what sorts of food you like, you’re sure to find something great while exploring Santa Barbara’s Farmer’s Markets!

This video is a great reference to see what it’s like to walk through the farmer’s markets in Santa Barbara. Take a look!

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