Finding weed in San Diego

Zack Garhart
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Searching for the plug? We’ve outlined a list of ways of finding weed in San Diego for your next visit!

When it comes to finding weed in San Diego, there are a number of options to choose from. Like any city that is located in a state with legal, recreational and medical marijuana, the boom in business over the last decade has meant a flood in options. While this is good for the consumer, it can also lead to sifting through a long list of shops and storefronts looking for the right one. 

In this article, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite shops, and also recommend tips on how to find weed not only in San Diego, but also in the next city you travel to. 

First off, the app Weedmaps is highly useful. Once you enter your location, the app (or desktop version) will allow you to enter what it is you are looking for. Simply typing the word ‘dispensary’ will prompt a list of shops in your area. From there, you will be able to select to your liking a shop that has what you might be looking for. Many dispensaries will provide a full menu, and also specials, on their web page. You will also be able to select ‘pick-up’ as an option, if you would like to reserve a certain item before arriving to the shop.

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Pro-tip: Even if you are not looking to place a pick-up order, place the item you want in your cart, and proceed as if you are ready to check out. This will allow you to see the full list of fees and taxes that will be applied to your product. It’s best to know ahead of time how much cash to bring, as the ATM machines on site will charge you an extra fee.

Extra pro-tip: Bring cash! Nothing is worse than paying unnecessary ATM fees for taking out extra cash for your purchase. Dispensaries love cash, and not all shops accept credit/debit cards, or Apple Pay.

Extra extra pro-tip: Check the website for your preferred shop before arriving. Many will offer daily deals, such as special discounts on select products or brands on a certain day. Also, if you time it right, many dispensaries also offer happy-hour or early-bird specials. Arriving at the right time to make these specials could save you a lot of money!

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As far as it goes for San Diego, there are many options available for purchasing marijuana.

Our personal favorite is Hikei, a local grower and retailer that specializes in high-quality, indoor grown weed. Their range of products, from edibles and extracts, to flower and actual plants, is second-to-none. While Hikei also offers a range of products from other brands and growers, we especially love their own grows. We recommend their hybrids, as this will allow you to enjoy both sides of the weed spectrum without going too heavy on the Indica or Sativa side of things. Their products and strains vary, so make sure to check out their website before heading over!

Another great spot for curated, high-quality ganja is March and Ash. This local dispensary has a few locations throughout San Diego, as well as one in Vista, Chula Vista and Imperial Beach. They carry an array of top brands, such as 710 Labs, Binske, and Cali Lotus. From edibles and concentrates to flower and tinctures, the crew at March and Ash has you covered.

For another look at dispensaries in San Diego, watch this video!

Why leave the house? Get it delivered!

We all have those kind of days – some of us, more than others. There are occasions that call for delivery, instead of driving or walking to the shop. For weed delivery options in San Diego, there are a handful of options. We personally like Urbn Leaf, Eaze, and Emjay. With delivery, you can still find specials and deals from different retailers. If you’ve never tried it, we recommend giving it a shot!

Finding weed in San Diego has never been easier! We hope you enjoy our recommendations and list of places to check out for your next fix.

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