Your Ultimate Winter Guide To Big Bear Snowboarding

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Snowboarding Big Bear

Get ready for the ultimate guide and everything you need to know about Big Bear snowboarding this wither!

Nestled in the heart of Southern California, Big Bear emerges as a haven for snowboarders seeking the perfect blend of crisp mountain air, powdery slopes, and a winter wonderland ambiance.

Snowboarding in Big Bear is a cool activity to partake in whether you do so religiously or are a first-timer. Snowboarding season in Big Bear Lake typically runs from November until April, with December being the coldest month.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a snow novice, Big Bear promises an enchanting winter escape for all who crave the excitement of gliding down the mountainside amid a pristine winter landscape. Keep scrolling for the ultimate guide to Big Bear snowboarding! 

Big Bear Mountain vs Snow Summit Mountain

Big Bear mountain is known as the snowboarding mountain for beginners, this is perfect if you are a first-timer. Since the level of difficulty at Big Bear mountain is easy, it is also known as the more “youthful mountain” typically for kids and teens to enjoy. 

Snow Summit on the other hand is for advanced snowboarders who are used to the experience. Typically almost all adults are found on this mountain but don’t be embarrassed if it’s your first time and you have to start at Big Bear mountain, we all start somewhere!

Big Bear Snow Report 

If you’re looking to see when it last snowed and what the current weather conditions are like at Big Bear mountain check out this snow report for Big Bear mountain. Typically, the last week of January tends to have the most snow with 4 inches being the average. 

You can also check out the Big Bear Resort Live cameras to stream terrain weather conditions in real-time. 

Weather for Big Bear Mountain

November has an average temperature of 44 degrees Fahrenheit with December averaging a high of 37 and a low of 35. In January & February, you can expect temperatures between 33-39 degrees, with March and April reaching a possible high of 48 degrees.

Big Bear Snowboard Rentals

Snowboard Rentals Big Bear

Big Bear Mountain Resort offers everything you need in regards to snowboard gear. You also have the option to reserve your gear in advance, in fact doing so 7 days in advance gets you a 20% discount. 

Some other perks of renting snowboard gear at Big Bear Mountain Resort include:

  • Early pick up
  • The ability to switch gear
  • Repair available
  • Multi-day discounts (up to 20%)

Big Bear Snowboarding Pass

big bear snowboarding

Big Bear Mountain Resort offers 6 snowboarding passes with prices ranging from $399-$1,149. Their most popular pass seems to be the Dual Season Pass which includes unlimited year-round access to Snow Summit and Big Bear Mountain + the Summit Bike Park. 

If you only visit Big Bear Lake in the winter seasons then the Bear + Summit pass is recommended since it covers visits in the winter and is more budget-friendly as opposed to the Dual Season Pass. 

Their most expensive pass, the Ikon Pass, lets you access 47 unique destinations worldwide! The most economic snowboarding pass is the Bear + Summit Midweek pass at $399. This pass does include certain blackout dates, but if you do end up getting this pass you can enjoy fewer people during the week & sometimes even have the snowboarding trails all to yourself- win!

Check out all of Big Bear’s Mountain Resort season passes to view a detailed breakdown of what each pass includes, as well as to compare benefits and prices. 

Maximizing your Big Bear Snowboarding Trip

Your winter trip to Big Bear isn’t complete without a visit to Big Bear Mountain Brewery. This is your typical mom-and-pop-looking shop serving up handcrafted beers, burgers, sandwiches, soups, and chili fries! It’s a great stop after your hunger-inducing snowboarding activities. Big parties can also order an entire keg of their original mountain brew!

If this is your first time taking a winter snowboarding trip at Big Bear you are probably wondering, “where is Big Bear mountain and how can I access it?” The Big Bear Mountain Resort offers driving directions, along with information on parking fees, weather conditions, drop-off and shuttle instructions, and information. 

For the best Big Bear experience, be sure to stay at ITH Mountain Adventure Hostel. Last but not least, you might want to take advantage of our free snowboarding lessons!

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