Big Bear Mounting Biking Trails for Beginners

Bobby Dyer
big bear mountain biking trails for beginners

Hop a Bike and Explore the best Big Bear Mountain Biking Trails For Beginners!

Big Bear has an abundance of fantastic activities to fill long summer days. One of the mountain’s favorite past times is mountain biking. With over one hundred miles of trails and forest service roads waiting to be explored, it’s no wonder why.
For those novice mountain bike riders, here are 3 perfect Big Bear mountain biking trails for beginners.

Alpine Pedal Path

This paved path on the north side of the lake is the perfect place to acclimate to both the elevation and adjust to the mountain bike frame.

The trail starts on the west side of North Shore Elementary School. It is about 2.5 miles long and wraps up just before the intersection of North Shore Drive and North Shore Lane.

Alpine Offshoots

If you feel comfortable on the mountain bike, there are several offshoot trails following along the Alpine Pedal Path. They will be adjacent to the pedal path, so bikers can switch back and forth between trails.

Snow Summit

Bikers looking to take their skills to the next level have two great options just behind Snow Summit Mountain Resort’s parking lot. While differing in degrees of difficulty, both are forest service roads. There won’t be any overly technical elements on either trail.

The Town Trail heading directly to the West is a more mild and flat road. If bikers follow the road for 3 miles, they will intersect with Knickerbocker Road. From here, you can head directly into town.

The other option is to climb towards the top of Snow Summit Mountain. While this 2.2-mile climb isn’t technical, it will be a healthy workout. The stunning views of the lake will be well worth the climb. Not to mention having an easy descent to look forward to.

Off the Map

As we mentioned, Big Bear has over 100 miles of trails and roads. There are countless little trails in the area that don’t always show up on mainstream maps. Stop by Chains Required Bike Shop to have the experts help find the trail that is right for you. They also have a wide range of bike rentals. From full suspension to downhill, to trail bikes; they have something for every style of rider.

Biking Getaway

Once you get a taste of mountain biking, you’ll never want to stop! And Big Bear is the perfect place to learn as they have trails suited for every level. Once you graduate from beginner, you can test out other trails like Castle Rock Trail or Pine Knot Trail.

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