9 Things To Do In Big Bear In November

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Big Bear In November Fpo

November is the start of the snow season in Big Bear!

Big Bear November 2 Fpo

What better way to give thanks for your life than in a beautiful mountain escape. Enjoy the chilly mountains with the comfort of great food and a fire to keep you toasty. New friends paired with outdoor adventures are the perfect mix for a great time!

Top Events happening in Big Bear in November


Big Bear Turkey Trot Race Fpo

8th Annual Turkey Trot Race

November 26

Meadow Park

After the Thanksgiving feast comes the need to move or trot at least. Get moving again with the Big Bear’s 8th Annual Turkey Trot. You can run a 3-mile, 6-mile, or 9-mile race and enjoy a quick 10-minute yoga warm-up before the 3-mile race. So dress like a turkey, take a stretch and get trotting. 


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Big Bear Mountain Ski Resorts

Bear Mountain & Snow Summit

Get ready because Bear Mountain and Snow Summit Resorts are preparing to open up for skiing and snowboarding in November. Enjoy the thrill of high energy mountain experiences with breathtaking views.


Big Bear South And North Taurids Meteor Shower

Orionid Meteor Shower

Dark Wilderness (away from town)

 The Earth is passing through the stream of debris left behind by Comet Halley, the parent comet of the Orionid shower. Find a viewing spot away from bright lights on the mountain and look around 1 AM or until just before dawn.


Big Bear Orionid Meteor Shower Fpo

South and North Taurids Meteor Shower

Dark Wilderness (away from town)

The North and South Taurids combine to provide a nice sprinkling of meteors. When Taurus the Bull is highest in the sky, you will see the maximum numbers at around 12 AM. Taurid meteors are slow-moving, but sometimes very bright.

The peak night is going to be November 11 (morning of November 12).


Big Bear Full Moon November

ITH Full Moon Party

Nov 30

ITH Big Bear Retreat Center and Hostel.

Every full moon is a magical event in Big Bear. Renew yourself under the full moon in the Big Bear Mountains with your favorite hosts at ITH. 


Big Bear In November 2 Fpo

Weekly Local Events in Big Bear:

Wednesdays: Wyatt’s Country Wednesdays

Thursdays: Babes on Boards

Saturdays – Goat Yoga

Everyday – Yoga Classes from Mountain Yoga Center


Big Bear November


Big Bear is Southern California’s ultimate four seasons mountain town. Plan on having a fantastic time whichever experiences you embark on and enjoy your time in the mountains.

Check out upcoming Big Bear events for your next adventure.

For Big Bear’s live music scene, check out The Cave for the best venue and upcoming shows.

If you have any questions about other events happening in Big Bear, please contact our receptionist at the Big Bear Retreat Center and Hostel.

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