Are Hostels Safe in America?


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– What Hostels are is still a foreign concept to many Americans: FACT

Hostels are an evolving way of traveling for Americans. The education of sharing a place to stay with strangers comes from International travelers and abroad travel by Americans themselves. There is a growing understanding of what hostels themselves include and offer for travelers.

Hostels are a culture trip within your traveling experience because not only do you get the benefit of experiencing the one place you are in, but you also get to be immersed with all the cultures the people you are staying with are from as well. It is the ultimate way to dive in and be immersed in the global experience of connecting with diverse people while in a new place.

The common bond of everyone being in an unfamiliar place bonds travelers from all over the world. Having commonality with people from all over is a beautiful thing to be reminded of. No matter where you are from or what your beliefs are, people can co-exist.

Hostels are the living, breathing actualization of that.

– “Hostels? Like the movie?” MYTH

No! Nothing like the movie. Hostels are in no way like the movie portrayed. That hostel would not even be able to stay running in our virtual world. But since people have no other frame of reference,  they turn to the only thing they know about it…the movie.

Hostels are actually, the exact opposite of what the movie portrays, it is a haven for travelers. A place for the weary backpacker to find a bed and a safe place to sleep and commiserate with other travelers.

-Hostel Popularity Increasing: FACT

The growing popularity is making hostels more and more professional and safe. Hostels are also developing niches and levels of standards to appeal to all types of travelers.

Adventure, party, backpacker, budget, and luxury are all categories hostels pinpoint, especially in larger cities where the need for temporary accommodations with diverse populations helps to focus the demand.

– Americans don’t travel: MYTH

Standard hotel travel is still the way a lot of Americans get around simply because that is the way it has always been. This more private style of traveling has been the way for so long the idea for some of staying with strangers is terrifying. The trust that Americans have been taught to expect from one another is very slim. But Americans travel and are changing how, why and when they do.

The sharing of culture and economy is becoming more popular. With the growing popularity, along with different types of hostels to choose from there is also different types of stays one can choose. Nightly rates are available for travelers in the area on a more short-term basis. There are also monthly rate options becoming more popular. This option is perfect for students, or people who have just moved to a city and are looking for flexible, short-term stay options.

Safety Features Offered by Hostels:

– Lockers

-Cameras on Property

-24/7 Reception or a staff member always on call

-Front desk discretion in selecting only guests that fit with the hostel mission (nice, friendly, traveler, adventurer, business person, digital nomad, student, backpacker, etc.) Staff is empowered to use their discretion to make sure guests are people others can feel comfortable around.



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