5 Hotel Options Near San Diego Airport

Amiel Terry

If you are just arriving to San Diego and you don’t want to travel far to get to your accommodation then you’re in luck. Here we’ve listed 5 hotel options near the San Diego airport so you can get off your plane and get to the fun.

Porto Vista Hotel Little Italy

Porto Vista Hotel is more of a laid-back and chill vibe for those who are looking to relax. At 3.7 stars, super affordable and close to the airport, this is a good pick.

DYou’ve got rooms for individuals and multiple guests, as well as a beautiful rooftop that will be perfect for your sunbathing and Instagram shots before you head out into the city. Also, if you don’t want to head all the way to the beach just yet to get some water, they have a nice pool option available that is a good substitute until you hit the sandy beaches.


Downtown ITH is a great option also. This is a Hostel, so as we have shared many times on our blog before it differs a bit from a hotel. A hostel is unique in the sense that it’s main purpose is to generate community and promote a good time.

ITH Downtown offers short term and long term stay. Some of the accommodations you can indulge in include a large dorm with super cool travelers from all over the world that you can meet. A dorm suitable for you and your friends, with less bunk beds if you want to stay together. Finally, ITH offers private rooms for those who want a bit more privacy.

Shared common areas, an entire kitchen, and some dope staff and activities make a hostel great for covering all bases.

Harbor Island Hyatt Hotel

Hyatt Regency at Mission Bay is just a short drive away from your pickup location at the airport.

IkWith it being the Hyatt there is always going to be great accommodation and service, as well as a super clean facility. With an expansive lobby area and great surrounding views, you could get really lucky and find a dream stay minutes away from your gate. Book soon because rooms can fill up quick !

Spa, rooftop, pool, dining, they have it all!

Hotel Solomar

Right next to the beautiful and expansive Balboa Park, Hotel Solomar is definitely a sight to behold.

You’re looking at a huge and very aesthetically pleasing hotel right in the city of the city with many things in walking distance. There is a super big rooftop and many restaurants and pools at your disposal. Also offering membership deals and their infamous rooftop bar, this is the best all-inclusive option you have available.

Kimpton Solamar Hotel Exterior Main ImageOld Town Inn

Old Town Inn is an older styled Inn that is great is you want more old school vibes.

It is an Inn that dates back to 1945 and has some of the same original things in it that you know and love from the old school days. That being said, the style and hospitality are unique in their own right and have a heart-warming and at home feel to them that just make you want to stay.

Rated higher than most hotels you’ve ever seen, Old Town Inn is a great place to get away from the noise and sit back and enjoy a smooth and vintage Inn room.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our list and you have a great time in San Diego! As always, if you’re here and want to have a bit more fun, feel free to join us at ITH!