Why “Real” Backpackers are Flocking to Sayulita, Mexico

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Find out why seasoned backpackers are choosing Sayulita, Mexico, as their must-visit destination. Explore the charm that beckons true adventure seekers to this underrated Mexican paradise.


Welcome to the laid-back and lively haven of Sayulita, Mexico, where the sand is warm and the waves are inviting. Sayulita is a paradise on the Pacific Coast, and it’s no longer just a hidden gem; it’s the worst-kept secret among travelers who know how to seek authenticity without sacrificing adventure.


Sayulita has quickly become the epitome of a perfect getaway. While it may be gaining popularity, this vibrant town has managed to keep its chill, bohemian vibe intact. It’s a place where barefoot walks on the beach and impromptu salsa dancing sessions under the stars are the norm.


As Sayulita continues to shine on the backpacker’s radar, it’s also catching the eye of digital nomads who seek a picturesque yet productive workspace. The town’s increasing appeal as a destination for remote work only adds to its charm. 





Get ready to explore why real backpackers and digital nomads are flocking to Sayulita, Mexico!


Vibrant Beach Town Vibe

Real backpackers are flocking to Sayulita, Mexico, for its vibrant beach town vibe that’s the perfect blend of bohemian charm and laid-back authenticity. This coastal town offers an escape from the typical tourist traps, where barefoot walks on the beach, impromptu salsa dancing, and a welcoming community make every traveler feel like a local. Sayulita’s relaxed atmosphere and rich culture provide an off-the-beaten-path adventure that real backpackers crave.

Affordable Accommodations

Being a backpacker often means traveling on a tight budget. Real backpackers are flocking to Sayulita, Mexico, not only for its captivating beach town vibe but also for its affordability. Sayulita offers budget travelers a dream come true, and the recent opening of ITH Hostel’s new location is the ideal choice. With a range of budget-friendly accommodations and vibrant surroundings, it’s the perfect destination for those who seek an authentic and wallet-friendly adventure, making every traveler’s dream of Sayulita a reality.

Co-working Spaces

Backpackers and digital nomads often go hand-in-hand. Another reason backpackers are making a beeline for Sayulita, Mexico, is thanks to its emerging reputation as a digital nomad hotspot. With a high number of co-working spaces and the addition of ample co-working facilities at ITH Hostel’s new location in Sayulita, it’s a haven for those balancing work and travel. The town’s beachy and bohemian atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for productivity, creating an ideal destination where you can work, live, and explore.


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Healthy Diet/Lifestyle

Real backpackers are flocking to Sayulita, Mexico because it effortlessly caters to a healthy diet and lifestyle. The town offers loads of affordable and nutritious dining options, along with yoga studios, wellness activities, and outdoor adventures that align with the values of backpackers who prioritize physical and mental well-being. In Sayulita, it’s not just a destination; it’s a wellness haven for travelers who seek to nourish both body and soul.

Proximity to Nature

Sayulita’s close proximity to nature is an irresistible draw for backpackers and outdoor lovers. Nestled on the Riviera Nayarit, the town offers easy access to a world of outdoor adventures, from surfing to hiking in lush jungles. Whale watching and exploring ecological reserves are just a stone’s throw away.



Authentic Mexican Experience

Sayulita offers an immersive and authentic Mexican experience that sets it apart from other destinations. This coastal town blends traditional Mexican culture with the influences of expat residents, creating a rich diversity that real backpackers find fascinating. It’s a place where travelers can savor the true essence of Mexico, from street tacos and colorful markets to local festivals and warm, welcoming locals.

Community Vibe/Quality of Life

Sayulita’s appeal to backpackers lies in its community vibe and quality of life. The town’s welcoming locals and expats create an atmosphere where travelers instantly feel like part of the community, sharing stories and laughter with those who call Sayulita home. It’s a place where the beach town lifestyle has a balance between work and leisure, allowing backpackers to savor every moment and make lasting memories in a truly exceptional setting.


Sayulita, Mexico, has undeniably become a magnet for “real” backpackers seeking authentic experiences. The blend of its culture, beaches, atmosphere, and adventurous spirit creates an irresistible allure for the intrepid traveler. And here’s the exciting news for those who want to dive even deeper into this backpacker haven: the new ITH Hostel in Sayulita has just opened its doors, offering a perfect base for those looking to immerse themselves in the true backpacker vibe. Plus, it has a pool, it’s super affordable, and it has the coolest staff in town. Don’t miss out!


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