Where to Thrift in Santa Barbara

Zack Garhart
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Do you dig on fashion? Are you looking for different ways to build your wardrobe without breaking the budget? Thrift stores in Santa Barbara are a great way to shop for clothes and other accessories while keeping your costs low. Shopping secondhand also helps reduce waste and practice sustainability!

Check out our suggestions on where to thrift in Santa Barbara.

One of our favorite thrift stores in Santa Barbara is Give2Pets Thrift Store Boutique. This thrift shop goes beyond just selling goods. Give2Pets is also a foundation that focuses on helping pets with chronically ill owners. Their mission revolves around lifting up those with illnesses or in the retirement phase of their lives. By shopping here, you’ll not only find an assortment of fun and interesting accessories, but you’ll also be supporting a good cause.

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Another place to thrift in Santa Barbara is Alpha Thrift Store. This shop also serves a greater cause by helping to support those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Your purchases go toward supporting their families and contributing to the community. There’s always a cool collection of items on hand, so come empty-handed and be ready to shop!

A great place to find quirky furnishings and fun home decor is The Vintage Fox. This curated shop features a wide array of goods, including clothing and collectibles. The Vintage Fox is a family business and has been selling great stuff to the Santa Barbara community for more than 10 years. Stop in and see what they’re all about!

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Saving the best for last, we love Antique Alley on State Street. This local gem has been in service since the 1980s and features a huge space for shopping. Different dealers have separate booths, so the styles and offerings range immensely. Whether you’re into antiques or vintage stuff, they’ve got everything from jewelry and clothing to pottery and home furnishings. The staff is helpful and informative as well!

For an inside look at what it’s like to shop at a thrift store, watch this video!

The coolest thing about shopping at thrift stores is that you truly never know what you might find! From designer brands to antique gems, the possibilities are endless when you shop second-hand.

Beyond our list of where to thrift in Santa Barbara, there are still a lot of other options. We recommend checking out this list of shops for information on locations and hours of operation throughout town.

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