Top 5 Co-Working Places in San Diego

Find places to get your work done as a digital nomad or freelancer

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1. Venture Beach CoWork

Located in Pacific Beach, this co-working space is focused on helping freelancers from all industries to have a place to work that is affordable. You can rent the space for either part-time or full-time use. All amenities are included with membership and when you are done with your work, the beach is only a few blocks away. What better reward for getting things done!

2. WeWork

This glamorous space is in Downtown San Diego and blends the relaxed vibe of the west coast with a living room style workspace that promotes relaxation so your creativity can thrive. The amenities at this location include complimentary freshly roasted coffee, along with a safe place to store your bike, and a front desk staff that is always available if you need assistance.

3. Co-Munnity Cowork Hillcrest

This is a versatile space with many different types of work accommodations for all types of work that needs to be done. If you need a desk, a private office, a conference room, or a podcast content creation room that is soundproof, Co-mmunity Co-work has got you covered. Access to beers from local breweries and snacks all day as well as a unique co-mmunity program that links them with other co-work spaces all over the globe; because you never know where your next freelance job will take you next.

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4. Downtown Works

Another beautiful space in Downtown San Diego, this work environment differentiates itself by allowing for month-to-month contracts and providing flexible meeting rooms; including skype/webchats, podcats, and video conferencing spaces. This is a virtual office for entrepreneurs, made by entrepreneurs and they were smart enough to include all the amenities they knew freelancers like. (Local rotating craft beer and a premium tea and coffee selection)

5. Union CoWork

This is a co-work company that has many locations. The one in North Park is vibrant and connected with the community by offering its members discounts at other businesses in the area. All of their locations offer an outdoor workspace as well as social gathering areas. Other fun perks include: kombucha on tap, personal lockers and you can bring your dog with you! Balboa Park is a quick jaunt away for you and your dog to stretch your legs after work.

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Now you know where you can work, here’s where you can sleep! Check out the ITH Monthly Co-live location by Balboa Park or the Downtown and Beach Bungalow locations to find which one fits your stay in San Diego.

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