The Best Things to Do in Los Angeles in February

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Plan your itinerary to Los Angeles in February with our handpicked recommendations. From star-studded events and cultural festivals to scenic outdoor adventures and delectable dining experiences. 


Hey there, sunshine seekers and adventure enthusiasts! February in Los Angeles is like hitting the jackpot on a sunny day – the weather’s incredible, the vibes are warm, and the city is buzzing with fantastic things to do. If you are planning a winter escape to the City of Angles this February, don’t close your browser; you’ve come to the right place.  


Events and Things Happening in LA in February 

Whether you’re into beach bumming, pier strolling, or conquering the trails, Los Angeles in February is your playground. Picture yourself soaking up the rays on the sandy shores of Hermosa Beach, where the waves are high-fiving the coastline. Or perhaps some Hollywood magic, like the Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood sign, and Oscars celebration? Los Angeles is your oyster this upcoming February! 


And when the day winds down, guess where the cool crowd is unwinding? ITH Surf City Hostel at Hermosa Beach, where the good times continue, the memories are made, and your February adventure becomes a story worth telling. 


Let’s dive into the fun – Hollywood style with the best things to do in Los Angeles in February! 


Celebrate the Oscars

In the glamorous city of Los Angeles, celebrating the Oscars in February is one of the absolute best things to do, offering a taste of Hollywood magic and the excitement of the film industry’s most prestigious awards ceremony. The Oscars are the epitome of Hollywood glitz and glamour. February marks the month when the Academy Awards take center stage, bringing together the biggest names in the film industry to honor outstanding cinematic achievements. 

As the entertainment capital, Los Angeles buzzes with Oscar-related events and festivities. From themed parties to special screenings, the city comes alive with the energy of the film celebration.

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Attend a Lakers Game in Los Angeles in February 

Are you a sports fan visiting February in February? Why not attend an exciting Los Angeles Lakers NBA Basketball game? February brings the excitement of the NBA season, and attending a Lakers game means witnessing the skill, intensity, and teamwork that have made the team legendary. Whether you’re a die-hard basketball fan or just looking for a fun and entertaining experience, a Lakers game delivers.


Click here for an overview of the 2024 Lakers schedule. 


Hike Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles in February 

Hiking Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles in February emerges as one of the best things to do, offering a refreshing outdoor adventure with stunning views. February brings mild temperatures to the city, making it an ideal time to hit the trails without the scorching heat of the summer. The views from the summit of Runyon Canyon are truly breathtaking. On a clear February day, you can see the iconic skyline of Los Angeles, the Hollywood Sign, and even the Pacific Ocean. As you hike the trails, you might spot familiar faces from the entertainment industry, adding a touch of star-studded magic to your outdoor experience, as it’s a popular spot for celebrities. 


Los Angeles Restaurant Week

If you are a foodie visiting Los Angeles in February, then you’ve picked the perfect month of the year! Los Angeles Restaurant Week provides an opportunity to support the city’s food scene while enjoying fantastic meals at a great value. Throughout February, participating eateries showcase their culinary prowess by offering special menus at fixed prices. It’s the best time to indulge in various food options, from international flavors to local favorites, without breaking the bank.


Click here to see a full schedule and list of participating restaurants. 


Take a Beach Day in Los Angeles in February 

Soak up the sun and discover the best of LA’s beautiful beaches in February. February brings mild and pleasant weather to Los Angeles. While other parts of the country may be facing winter chills, LA’s beaches often enjoy temperatures that make a day by the ocean comfortable and inviting. It’s a chance to escape the winter blues and bask in the warmth of the California sun. February also brings fewer crowds to the beaches compared to the peak summer months. This means you can enjoy a more peaceful and uncrowded experience, whether you’re finding a spot to lay out your beach towel, playing beach volleyball, or taking a dip in the ocean.

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Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is more than just a structure over the ocean – it’s a lively entertainment hub and one of the best things to do in Los Angeles in February. For those seeking a mix of entertainment, dining, history, and relaxation, the Santa Monica Pier is the perfect destination. The pier’s End of the Trail sign marks the western end of the famous Route 66, adding historical significance to your visit, while restaurants, cafes, and shops along the pier offer a variety of dining options, ensuring you can refuel with delicious treats while enjoying the sunset. 


As we adventure through the City of Angels in February, let’s savor the magic we’ve made. From star-studded events to scenic wonders, Los Angeles is dazzling on the inside and out during the month of hearts and roses. If you want your adventure to really be passionate and full of excitement, stay at ITH Surf City in Hermosa Beach. Your February escape is just a click away – secure your spot at ITH Surf City and let the waves of excitement roll in. Los Angeles awaits your next chapter – make it unforgettable!


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