The 7 best Travel Adventure companies for California

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Looking for a different way to experience California? We’ve put together a list of the 7 best travel adventure companies for California expeditions.

With an emphasis on the many National Parks that California has to offer, there are a handful of companies on the market that provide full travel packages for those looking for a guided tour of the area.

We’ll start with G Adventures. This travel company organizes trips all around the world, across all seven continents, with an itinerary that can last up to two weeks. They offer packages that will take you through rainforests, deserts, and other amazing landscapes. We recommend their seven-day package for touring Las Vegas and California. This tour, which starts in Las Vegas, includes stops at places like Sequoia National Park and Yosemite National Park, and also a visit to San Francisco. The package includes hotel stays, entrance to the parks, and a few lunches along the way!

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Another great option is Adventures in Good Company. This company has packages that include trips across the globe, and many within the United States. In California especially, there are trips through Baja California, Big Sur, Death Valley and Joshua Tree. The packages range in price, and also in the length of time for each expedition. Check out their website here for more information!

For a more extensive trip that focuses on one of California’s top gems, Yosemite, head on over to Natural Habitat Adventures. There are packages specifically tailored to the amazing group of National Parks in the United States, with one specifically highlighting Yosemite. For eight days, you get a chance to trek through Yosemite valley, check out Mono Lake, and travel across the historic Tioga Road, which is one of the highest drives in California.

One great option, especially for groups and family trips, is Thompson Family Adventures. This company highlights the Baja region of California with a Glamping package that includes surfing lessons, whale watching and exploring incredible Surfline. The one-week package for Baja covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner for many of the days, as well as hotel accommodations. Hop on their website to learn more!

If you’re looking to explore by sea, consider checking out UnCruise Adventures! They specialize in sea explorations on their many cruise routes. With California in mind, check out what they have to offer for touring around the nearby Sea of Cortez. This package will take you around Baja California and show you all the amazing sights that the area has to offer!

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For the truly adventurous, there are also companies like Trepid that offer walking tours of some of California’s top destinations, such as Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park. Trepid has a five-day walking tour that begins and ends in San Francisco, and highlights some of the spectacular surroundings with daytime activities like a hike on the Tuolomne Grove trail, and a stop at Lake Tahoe for the night. Hotel accommodations are included in the package. Check out their site for more information!

If you’re looking to hang out in California’s central and northern regions, look no further than Globus for your next adventure trip. With a package that includes stops in Sonoma, the heart of California’s wine country, and also Monterey and Yosemite National Park, this package has it all! Over nine days, you’ll see some of the amazing sights and scenes that make California so special.

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With so much to do in just the city itself, there are companies like LAinaday that highlight the famous city of Los Angeles. Both private and group tours are available for purchase, and this company offers packages that cover a ton of ground in just a single day! This is a great option for those wanting to see the city, and not spend as much money on a package. Certain limitations do apply, but if you’re looking for a fun, guided tour of LA, look no further than this company!

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Interested in learning more about Yosemite Valley and its National Park? Watch this video!

After checking out our list of the seven best travel adventure companies for California, you’re all set to go on your next big expedition!

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